otago massacre

generic list by mrobotham
February 3, 2010, 10:53 pm
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one of the greatest things of our mighty exploitative society is the fact that we have enough leisure time to use and extra resources to make glossy magazines for teenage girls to hone their marketed lifestyles
what makes it so amazing is that they sometimes contain lists
like bullet pointed lists that help to inform
of things that are “funny”/”interesting”/”ironic”/”generic as old people”
lists can be made by many people and in fact it’s likely your children will learn to one day make a “list”. this isn’t anything to worry about because I mean even you yourself have a pretty good idea exactly that lists are perfectly normal for people to make and use but they are also extremely effective at a number of tasks and frankly if you couldn’t make lists then it’s time for at least some of us to become afraid.

here’s my list of things that happen around the beginning of semester. nothing here is original or illuminating in any way. this will be like an uninteresting commentary to your rather ordinary life

id cards not a fan of getting them. i mean, I’m going to look like that for an entire year. not that it matters because usually the only people who need to see your ids are old people at end of semester, or if you’re lucky enough to walk into the social interaction that is “looking at other people’s identification”

course confirmation oh fucking god lining up in the link beside the side library entrance is something we all have to do (notice the vivid imagery I have projected into your mind)

PIMS man PIMS is like the friend that you have, but you don’t really ever see him until you need to use him for something he has access to but no-one else does. you may treate PIMS kinda like “your bitch” and if you do I don’t respect you

everyone is coming back or has come back already. some never left. it’s an interesection of human beings in a local community. people are really friendly at the moment. the sad stress of having to go to lectures and pay attention if you want marks takes it’s toll from the very second you go to your preliminary lecture. you’re almost a wee bit excited to get into it and you go there eager and keen – but reality shoves the foot in because from the start time you’re looking at the handouts going “fuck….*fuck*“. I think they should have an anonymous question and answer time where students and lecturer are thrust together in a battle for redemption. students think that it matters but the reality borne by the actions of the administration proves to us the age old knowledge come to life – that those above you rule your ass

rats I have this word in my head and I keep coming back to it when I try to think of another item for the list. it’s unusual because I normally have “dog” arrived in my head whenever I consult it for “random topic for the sake of arbitrariness”

stay hydrated you’re probably dehydrated. it must be a statistical certainty I’m sure – since I don’t drink enough water and I am not an outlier.
or don’t. just eat lots of vegetables and fresh if possible! but don’t not eat em. drink water too.

and so my list is over. some people put more effort into lists and some people even consider some lists important enough that they are to be worked on over the course of more than one quick session. lists like that must be pretty fucking cool and I think I can probably spot a list like that but as far as lists that I personally make it’s just not going to happen since if there is one thing I lack in my repertoire it’s anything good

second semester by ophalm
July 13, 2009, 6:31 am
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damn. half the year gone already. it’s hard to believe but it’s good to have faith that this semester will be exactly like the last one but with less enthusiasm. first years will have a slight grasp of life, going home to friends and family probably showed them more than anything else that they’ve changed while their family stayed the same. hopefully this means that by coming back they will be less certain about life, which is the first stepping stone to being a better person, learning that the illusions they had about life and family are but illusions. the earlier they learn it the better. joy doesn’t come without tears

wonder what the stoners are going to be up to? unlike first semester when the weather is suitable for the girls to prove to us that we don’t need to respect their minds but only their asses, the weather is not suitable for sluts or for stoning. of course this won’t deter the stoners from having their four twenty blazeathons which really do protest the harsh laws on cannabis

what other great highlights will there be on campus? there’s always that fruit stall. they have cheap fruit there apparently. never brought any myself. apparently you can’t buy only one apple because they’d undercut the campus food corporation.
there will definitely be more of that. more food monopolies. or less competition. whatever makes more sense.
it’s actually a shame. not much of a fan of having no choice over the food and drink. I mean, I have choice, but only amongst a small chain of food, with not much choice in who my money ends up with. sad but true. thats what you get for living in 2009

no doubt critic will be cranking up again. I would put money on them not having learnt from past semesters; and actually making more episodes. will amy still be at the helm? will it be the different, only exactly the same? much like this blog the answer is yes

what about the massacre? what will be different here? little will be different. we just don’t have the resources or motivation to change anything. might try to get some new advertising up around the uni, if you see it write something awesome on it. gonna try to push the darknet harder because at the moment it is a colossal failure. might give out some prizes. might take over the university..

remember your brains!