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technology/sex it would seem by loisweathers
March 26, 2009, 1:54 pm
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poasted by lois weathers

Now technology is a big thing in the 21st century and what people need to learn how to do, if you plan on surviving is know how to use it. Now I’m not claiming to be an expert but I know the basics. I’m typing this out now aren’t I?

So anyway, what people really need to get their heads around is the powerpoint. I had been a powerpoint virgin until just recently, but I got through it ok. It was a bit of a raping but I did it and it worked and everything. What baffles me is the fact that it’s so easy! It’s like this amazing thing that everyone tells you is out of your league but when you actually do it it’s like “whoa why didn’t I do this earlier.” – I realise this paragraph sounds a bit like sex… But I”m unsure as to how else to word it.. I wonder what that says about me as a person

What I’m really ranting at in this article is how lecturers have such trouble with powerpoint. Of course they all use the easiest format “Title and Content” so it’s so boring. And their transition from slide to slide is the same the whole way through, completely losing the students interest.
But the worst thing about the whole ordeal is that they fuck up so royally, I don’t even know how they do this. But they end up at the beginning of the powerpoint all over again and then you have to sit there and make small chit chat with the person next to you as the lecturer finds their place again.
Now as you know from my other works I hate everyone in my classes, and being forced to make awkward chit chat with them because of the teacher’s fuckup – that will no doubt happen again in five minutes – makes me want to knife myself.


Common complications with powerpoint are the age old “Oh no I’ve pressed the forward arrow one too many times and now I don’t know how to get back, maybe if I double click the screen somewhere it’ll go back.. Oh no now look what’s happened it’s gone forward another two slides.. Oh I’ll just get it started again”.
Another goody is “I’ll just click on this link that will take us to a YouTube video.. Oh boy what’s happened here.. Oh I’ll just describe the video to you.. (5 minutes later) Oh it’s working now!”

Another weird thing about powerpoint slides is that they seem to have this effect on students where they feel the urge to write everything on the slide down. Most smart people know that this is impossible because the slides go too fast and you can’t write it all down so they print off the slides prior to the lectures. Even smarter people know that this also is pointless and that there are really only two or three relevant slides in every lecture, so we write those important slides down.
What happens if those slides go by too fast you ask? Well we just copy off the fools who printed out all the slides.

So what I’m saying to all those lecturers out there, is let yourself experiment a bit more with powerpoint, you’ve already gone through the awkward “what’s that, where does this go” stage, and I applaud you for getting this far. But now it is time to fully immerse yourself in powerpoint and go with it. Try different backgrounds, put in some photos with captions next to them. You know you want to. Now do it. LOL