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tights. are they pants? by ophalm
August 6, 2009, 5:40 pm
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just what the fuck are these things?

generations come and go but one thing stays the same – certain people are fuckwits. we can’t be certain if the tights=pants crew falls directly into this category, and that is why we’re asking a fundamental question

see the problem is that some people evidently think that tights suffice as pants, and that others – who have to observe such things – consider this thought incomprehensible and possibly offensive. and such matters are escalated to significant importance when the tights end up exposing the underwear for everyone to see and judge! what horrors

so do tights suffice as pants? they certainly seem to as far as the most fundamental aspects of pants are considered, but in reality, the theory practice gaps shows us that they fall short of the glorious goal.

and part of me even wonders if this is done on purpose?


not quite as sexy as they think it is, more whoreish really

do you remember the whale tail invasion of the earlier decade? initially it seems that exposure of underwear to the masses is somewhat unwanted, embarrasing and so on. but it was taken to it’s sexy limit and this indecent flaunting of “panties” became a flirtatious pastime and was (barely) socially accepted. and so what I wonder, if the panties-through-the-tights phenomenon is actually the reincarnation of the undergarment brandishing of old?

and either way I don’t want to make a judgement call. I’m unwillingly somewhat of a pervert, and any chance to spot a girls knickers is a moment I will cherish forever. and so the debate continues…


the collapse of society?

are tights pants?

ugh by ophalm
March 19, 2009, 7:16 am
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someone arrived at this site doing a internet search for “tween panties” and so I just did a search in order to see if I could find this site with that phrase (I couldn’t), the first google result was disney stops selling provocative tween panties

dive in!

dive in!

“dive in!” what can this mean? who ever thought this was a good idea? pedos that have infiltrated disney? probably. anyway you didn’t need to know this but it’s my job to show that even though dangercore thinks the internet is golden, here if proof that it is the worst of humanity in one easy to digest format

I feel so dirty.