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Sometimes news articles are not very good by criticalwat
August 8, 2009, 3:29 pm
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Sometimes some things are not very good. Occasionally I will write about them.

If you enjoyed this article you may also enjoy watching elderly people yell at their television sets.

Sometimes news articles are not very good
Hackers target Twitter,Facebook

Firstly they use the term “Hackers” wrongly. I won’t go into detail of the idea of white hat and black hat hackers or how the term crackers is sometimes used to describe such acts but the common usage of the term (i.e. breaching the security of a computer for fun or profit) does not apply here.

Instead what actually happened was that a large group of computers called a botnet were (willingly or unwillingly) used to request a page on those sites multiple times causing intense strain on Twitter and Facebook’s servers until they went down.

Secondly the heading “ANTISOCIAL ATTACKS”. Get it? because they are attacking social networking websites so therefore it is an “Anti Social” attack? I feel both entertained and informed from this article now.

Thirdly an utterly pointless interview

“For lawyer Zabi Nowald, it was just another day — Twitter or no Twitter — as he headed to work in downtown Los Angeles with a laptop in one hand and a Blackberry in the other.

“None of my friends do Twitter; none of my employers do,” said Nowald, 27. “It affects my life zero. I lost something I never had.”

Why? Why did you include this interview in the article? Who is Zabi Nowald and what does he have to do with evil hackers stealing our internets? Should I ask him about how my posting on otago massacre affects him to pad out my writing?

“For lawyer Zabi Nowald, it was just another day — criticalwat post or no criticalwat post — as he headed to work in downtown Los Angeles with a laptop in one hand and a Blackberry in the other.

“None of my friends read his posts; none of my employers do,” said Nowald, 27. “It affects my life zero. I lost something I never had.”

Generally as a whole article it just kind of skips about randomly listing fragments of interviews and how north Korea attacked a bunch of governmental websites in the USA instead of giving any solid reasons about why someone might of done this and what the possible implications could be (outside of twitter)


Much like how when you think you have finished being violently ill then a bit more comes up sometimes I will write more words at the end of my posts.

Sometimes News Corp is not very good

  • Recently they decided they aren’t making enough money from advertising so they are going to start charging people for all of the content on their websites. From an interview with Rupert Murdoch in the article “To stop readers simply migrating to the free news websites of rivals, News Corp would “just make our content better and differentiate it from other people”” (link)
  • Rupert Murdoch is also mad about amazon not giving him more money and the names of subscribers from people who buy the subscriptions on the Kindle e-book reader to the wall street journal. Zabi Nowald could not be reached for comment (link)

critic cavern 03/08/09 by ophalm
August 3, 2009, 10:19 pm
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holy shit monday again?

it’s not hard to see what I’ve done here. I moved the “shit” up to it’s rightful home, and now the eyes make the 18 look like “is” and the truth is found. I saw an ad in a bookstore window that had a new dan brown book. I think I have just uncovered the plot

every week I slay critic with my massive cock and they keep coming back for more. every week I try to find a witty yet unique way of introducing this fact. the choice this week is to just tell you this instead of trying to hide it or make it subtle

and so what have we? still no colour. actually it’s starting to get depressing and if next week it’s printed on fish n chips stock don’t be surprised, just wonder where the rest of the printing budget is getting funneled

and so this brings us to the edwin/critic/ousa exec drama. I think it’s fair enough to say that no-one that isn’t edwin/critic/ousa exec gives one single fuck. I had nauseatingly noticed recently that critic had been mentioned it, but it’s one of those things you see and promptly ignore. and now edwins column is about it, as with the editorial and as well no doubt something else. it’s just not important. edwin – yes critic lives to undermine you, just as I live to undermine critic. who undermines me? the police

there’s an “interesting” article on page seven. it’s not so much interesting as it is thought provoking. thought provoking in the sense that I wonder why scarfie tv gets 4k to make some “tv”, and then on top of that gets another five hundred for shits and giggles? and I don’t really wonder why they get that money, that’s pretty clear. what I wonder is why I don’t get a single cent from ousa for the efforts of otago massacre? I don’t really want money, but getting some cash to put behind this front for a pcp importing operation would make flaunting the law so much easier and risk free. I reckon about $20 a month for advertising, $50 a year for a proper url and maybe $40 a month to pay people to consistently write shit, for 9 months it would come to $590 and round it up to $600 and then wouldn’t this be a tidy operation? why isn’t it happening? is it because I haven’t investigated it or asked ousa or even know anything about asking ousa for money or who they give it to? yes that is it.

power companies are like a serrated rod that gets thrust deeper and deeper into your colon every year. this article raises a point. well it makes a statement. but beyond that what’s the solution to higher power bills? terrorism

well I think the whole ebook thing is worth thinking about. mainly because the music industry has done a terrible fucking job of dealing with the digitalisation of music, it’s going to be interesting to see how this happens with print. I think the kindle in theory is a decent idea. never used one though, and it does seem expensive, and the whole 1984 thing is pretty funny if not a bit scary and extremely ironic. I just hope that ebooks end up (sooner rather than later) in some format that isn’t proprietary. that’s all I give a shit about.
what’s this quote? there is a hint of pity here, it sort of implies that it is ok to feel sorry for murdoch because his companies profits fell 47%.. as far as I know that doesn’t mean that they made a loss, and making a loss would be the only thing news corp could do that would could ever be good. they are a terrible corporation and murdoch is a very evil man. the extent of news corps reach into the operation of the world is truly scary given murdochs approach to the world..

have I ever mentioned that human lefts is the only consistently decent column in critic? I don’t think I have but I think it’s about time

bunch of fives
whos this? god I was mean before. what an asshole. truth is she was attractive to me probably