otago massacre

do you value piracy? by ophalm
February 17, 2009, 8:26 pm
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because soon we’re about to lose our right to it

this is the law being enacted on the 28th feb

Guilt Upon Accusation
“This would force the termination of internet connections and websites without evidence, without a fair trial, and without punishment for any false accusations of Copyright infringement. As former Minister Judith Tizard stated, they will “cut off anyone who might be breaking the law”. This law, called Section 92, is so far-reaching that accusations can cut off a hospital or school’s internet connection without a trial.

this is serious shit. it’s probably going to go ahead despite all the people that stand against it. you might lose your internet connect because you might be using it to break the law. none of this “innocent until proven guilty” shit.

what can you do about it? sweet fuck all really. here’s a link to the foundation of people who want to change this and a way of telling people you care via a ‘blackout’ scheme which is about blacking out your facebook image. is this going to achieve anything? probably more awareness but I have no faith in the ability of our government to give a shit about what the people want so while it’s a good awareness scheme, I don’t think it’ll change anything. that’s a shame really, rights are taken away from us every year and no-one stands up and when they do nothing happens.

once again society turns to crap. not that it’s ever been better, but you know. just don’t say you weren’t warned


textbooks aren’t funny, they’re expensive by ophalm
February 16, 2009, 9:33 pm
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thankfully though we have course related costs so it doesn’t really matter right? you are right, it doesn’t matter.
on the other hand, it does matter because somehow it’s possible that you’re shafting the economy. in a lovely capitalist society like ours we have things called “options” and “choices” and while you don’t really get too choose which textbooks your course recommends, you do get to choose where to buy them from. there’s possibly a large number of places but the two most obvious are UBS or Vol.1.
I personally couldn’t care less where people buy their textbooks, but here’s good news: Vol.1 is usually cheaper – in my experience by about $10-$15. That’s about it. it’s a longer walk but then again it’s close to KFC and super liquor.
if you decide to want slightly cheaper books than the university sanctioned UBS, go to Vol.1
and if you do, tell them otago massacre sent you. they won’t have any idea what that means of course because they’ve never heard of us and our noble cause and we don’t get paid for this in any form (unless insults are a form of payment)