otago massacre

news watch 12/03/09 by ophalm
March 12, 2009, 6:00 am
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cutting and scanning a newspaper in the dark


even homeless people and the happy clapper?

this is horrible. I have little to say about it other than to state that it’s wrong. there is nothing there for me. there is nothing there for you. from my small sample I’d say there is nothing here for anybody.


shattered glass, drunks and vomit - setting a bad example for the students

this couple volunteers as community watch and drives down castle street on friday night starting at 9.30 “it [castle street] just seems like a party street” they claim. somehow I feel they are missing something? apparently the mail woman on saturday morning gets scared “one woman got approached by a drunk guy [one morning] and she was pretty scared” people need to say better quotes, honestly.
I don’t really get the point of the article. north dunedin students get drunk, community watch watches impotently, wishing they were 20 again so they too could run rampant on the countries favorite drug. this isn’t news


the text is irrelevant and just wastes precious internet

this is pretty unremarkable – apart from a career ruining cripple based slur. what are they trying to say? that children who use the bus are mentally challenged? that the careful loving street painters aren’t worthy of life? I’d like think all those claims are made in the article and that they are offensive to my kind


who cropped that photo? why would I notice such a thing?

evidentially there was a big toga party. apparently there was a shit (faeces) eating competition and all the toga dressed first years came first equal. apparently first years can’t eat tidily either because “shops were… covered in faeces”. that’s a whole lot of shit to cover a store. the community patrol wants it banned. michael guest says there is a general consensus that it’s not going to happen again. or if it does there will be “conditions”. I thought there were conditions – wear a toga. either way there will always be a way of first years getting covered in faecal matter for the enjoyment of others. the only mystery will be how the technology of the future will enhance this