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it happened (aka conservatives are rude) by ophalm
April 30, 2009, 11:44 am
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I accidentally watched the news. I saw some article about boot camp and sending young children there to make tshirts for middle class white teens. in fact here are a couple from stuff here and here

but this post isn’t so much about that as it is about conservatives, those dirty fuckers. but the boot camp fiasco highlights the issue, and it’s timely with the recent posting about political correctness by an evidently uninformed young person

the gist of the boot camp article is that national in all their privileged wisdom want to sentence young offenders to boot camp for a while, help straighten them out. on the very surface this seems like a good idea I guess. but then we start getting some more opinions and facts coming through:

“We found no evidence whatsoever that it does anything other than to prepare young people to live in a military world, not be good family members,” Chief Families Commissioner Jan Pryor said. “In some instances they have been shown to increase offending.”

oh yeah..

Unicef’s Barbara Lambourn said the bill pandered to “populist and ill-informed pitchfork-and-torches mentality” and said harsher punishment increased the likelihood of reoffending. It also breached United Nations conventions. “…Children’s rights are being knowingly disregarded.”

uh huh..

Putting children in the criminal justice system also left them vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse and “put them in the company of their peer group which is just ideal for teaching criminality”.

on the news article on the ‘vision there was something along the lines of “those who work on the coalface, the youth workers say that this is a terrible idea”..

but what’s national doing? going ahead with it anyway. and this is to me what conservatism is all about. see we’ve got these priviliged white people who see a problem, and thinking back to their oppressive roots (being the oppressor) they conceive of the harshest way to deal with the problem within the realms of vaguely keeping human rights intact, because they generally believe that if something is bad people will avoid it and therefore crime will be stopped etc etc etc.

yet all the studies, evidence and opinions from those that are relevant say that’s not the way. they say we need a more reasonable approach – which probably requires more work and grace – that actually results in positive change, not just retribution. but conservatives just don’t give a fuck about any of that stuff and go ahead anyway.

and you can apply this theory to almost any attempt of social change that conservatives do. drug policies instantly jump to mind; “if we make the punishments for doing drugs harsh, people won’t do them and society will be saved” only anyone who has a clue realises that it doesn’t work. there is a problem in our society with drugs, but laws aren’t going to fix it, it’s a health issue.

I used to sum up conservatives (vs liberals) like this: conservatives want society to suit them and liberals want society to suit everybody and yes it’s a massive generalisation but it fits.

what’s most offensive of course is that the majority of the population is ignorant enough to vote conservatives into power every once in a while – and why? because the conservative approach of keeping themselves in the good and everyone else in the suck appeals to a large proportion of society who (believes) that it will keep the status quo with their privileged lifestyle.

a bit ott maybe? /rant

earth hourailure by ophalm
March 28, 2009, 11:17 pm
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well it’s earth hour currently. turn off your lights for one hour. dunedins on board but what does that mean? the street lights are still on and from my scientific study of looking out the window I see little others joining.


see this isn’t totally relevant because it’s a different city (canberra) from a different year but because the state of humanities’ terribleness is a constant I’m sure this works


so I applied fancy computer algorithms to both pictures to get a histogram and as you can see the difference is 4.355×10^-4 of sweet fuck all

so does no-one care? I guess it’s good that the idea highlights an issue -I’m not totally cynical- but I think having everyone turn off their lights, it’s just a bit weak really isn’t it?
maybe they could have a ‘no drive a car day’. that would actually be worthwhile, and it would be something easy for me to achieve too, because the one thing the organisers of the event have forgotten, is that society will never do anything that requires any form of sacrifice or effort

chicken guilt II/II by ophalm
February 20, 2009, 12:00 pm
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credit to saccharomycetaceae and ophalm for the artistry

chicken guilt I/II by ophalm
February 18, 2009, 9:10 pm
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credit to saccharomycetaceae and ophalm for the artistry