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tamrtime globus by ophalm
March 10, 2009, 6:05 pm
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in my hard hitting review of the day of stalls I made a passing reference to tamrtime globus, an international flavour smash introduced by muhammed (I believe) http://www.tamrtime.com

this in itself isn’t interesting. what is interesting is statistics.
because the fancy software this website is built on tells me what people have searched for if they’ve arrived here via a search engine. not suprisingly at all the most common search term used has been “otago massacre”, but what is surprising is the next two entries. the second most popular term was “tamrtime globus” but that has been surpasssed by “tamrtime”.. so yes the second and third most common entries have been about date based food.

what is tamrtime globus? well tamr is a kind of date. time is like “hammer time” and globus comes from latin globe and means sphere basically (I presume) so yeah, a ball of dates (I made this up – it’s probably true). covered in coconut. it also has other additives (real food) and you can buy it all over uni.

“Eating tamrtime, spreading the seeds, is a noble activity because every time someone tamrtime they contribute to reducing carbon emissions, global warming and desertification. What a great way to start the day, have for lunch or with coffee for complete satisfaction to feel the energy rush form the nutritious mix.”

do I want to mock tamrtime? not really, it tastes good and I’m all for free enterprise. in fact right now I feel bad so I’m going to promote you buy some, since it is probably good for you
the marketing leaves a little bit to be desired though, and this post is a testament to it. this site is the second reply for “tamrtime globus” and the first for “tamrtime” (in front of the official site) at this point in time on google. I’m too lazy to check other engines. the only way in fact to get the official site to come up before this is to search for “tamr time” as two words, but I asked myself in the shower today “why would someone do that”?

I'd like to know what food isn't real?

date delight. real food

this post in of itself might blow that out of the water and permanently lock in first place for all search phrases though. I didn’t even try or want this. fate thrust it upon me