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The Environment, we’re killing it/sex it would seem by loisweathers
April 3, 2009, 7:00 am
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poasted by lois weathers

So there seems to be a big issue lately about how we’re killing the world around us and how its not too good for our future and our kids future. Personally I have no kids so it doesn’t worry me too much, but I know some people with some kids and on interviewing one he said “I’d rather my child didn’t grow up in the future”. Big words for big opinions.


It seems to me we do a lot of things to try and help our environment out, but no-one seems to really care that much. As ophalm said in his piece Earth Hourailure we failed to put our lights out for a measly hour. This is truly sad, but even if we did manage to turn our lights out for that hour, what difference would it make? They would’ve been straight back on again the next night. And really do lights use that much power. In fact I’ll research it now…..
Boy did I find out some interesting shit just then, so get this; top result was “3.5% drop in power over Earth hour” I decided to research further and read this article from the ODT, I found it hilarious that to celebrate Earth Hour there were concerts held in Christchurch. Now is it just me or do concerts require a lot of electricity (aka power) to play the music? This kind of counteracts the turning off your power thing… See how smart we are!! But the second website was one about how much of our power is used on heat pumps and other heating devices . I think next year we should try turning off our lights and heaters/heat pumps and on top of that, maybe not hold any energy consuming concerts.

Now I’m going to share something personal with you all. I am doing a teaching degree and in that I learn what we are going to teach kids. They have this new thing right, you wouldn’t know about it. Its called ‘inquiry’ where they teach kids new and important things, they focus on one topic a term. And one of their topics is ‘Sustainability’.
They learn how to sustain our environment and what they can use instead of fossil fuels etc. Its almost as if we’re saying “Hey kids we fucked up so we’re relying on you to fix it, we know you’re only about 8, but any idea is a good idea, we’ve fucked it up so bad”
This is worrying as I’ve heard some of the kid’s ideas and they don’t seem to make too much sense. For example a boy I was talking to the other day told me that he could make a potato light….. I see where he’s coming from here and its a valid idea, but I don’t think we will ever have enough potatoes to power a city. And even if we did it wouldn’t be that bright, people would have eyesight problems due to the poor lighting, old people would die with their respirators failing, an entire generation of gen X-Box children would be dropped into reality cold turkey and it’s be more like what civilisation was like 100s of years ago *shudders*. Its a shame really as potatoes are an amazing vegetable, they really make a meal, a meal.


So what I’m trying to tell you is that I know it might be hard to care about your environment and at some times you might just want to throw some rubbish out the window, but unless you want to live in a city that smells like potatoes and is poorly lit then lets try and calm down on the overusage of our power. Oh by the way nothing in this page has anything to do with sex I just noticed that my last article mentioned sex and got more hits. Sorry I fooled you. LOL

recession on wall street by ophalm
March 27, 2009, 5:50 pm
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posted by ophalm


it's so shiny!

what do we have here? apparently someone didn’t get the message that the world’s economy has turned to ass and they’ve decided to build a new mall. in dunedin. and name it after a street that houses most of the banks that shat directly into our faces


wall street on george street

being the kind of person I am, I’m actually offended by this mall. not because of anything in particular but because of everything in particular. I hate malls. I’m from christchurch which is like the land of milk, honey and malls. and in the process of building the malls they tore down the milk and honey so now it’s just malls. I can think of 5 large malls in christchurch which all have identical stores and in have turned the centre of town (through drawing people away from it) from something once unique to a cesspit of boy racers and.. well there’s nothing worse than boy racers

and this is what malls do. they have the same shit as every other mall so that people can spend their money in the same way at a number of different geographic locations and look the same as others.


and I think this mall must have been built on some ancient indian/aboriginal/african/rasta burial ground because they had this guy “patrolling” the mall, or maybe he was the attraction? when he saw me take a picture of him he smiled and didn’t try to stab me so he’s being paid well enough evidently


the mall is not finished. it’s open to the public and no-one has died yet but they are desperate for your dollars so here you go. it’s still a mall. it’s still terrible and hopefully unsafe. you know it’s kind of like a european dance club, minus the strippers – which in this case would have been the only redeeming feature


they have a light show. this non-moving image doesn’t show it but those lights change colour. what a great use of the cities electricity. right above bras n things. I wonder what they sell in bras and things? cats? I guess at the very least this mall might give us some sexy underwear. underwear tainted with mall


and then there is this. life pharmacy. I’m tempted for my life’s goal to be to bring down the life pharmacy corporation. I’m calling a boycott of the place. just look at it.
I have on 1st/2nd hand knowledge that this place wants your money more than they want you well. “sometimes you need to decide between selling up, or giving the customer the best medicine for them”.. I’m glad profits come before people’s health..

all in all this new mall is nothing but a mall. right now it looks new but in 10 years time it’ll look like the meridian. and people will want a new mall. but malls are the bane of a human’s existence. they destroy community, originality and fun. they attract the worst kind of people possible and they give us nothing.
yet people want them! I talked to some older woman once who were lamenting about this new mall “oh it’ll be great” etc etc and I told them of the legend of how the malls in christchurch destroyed the unique inner city and asked if they were saying that they were willing to sacrifice uniqueness for convenience and when put in those words they said “I.. guess so”.
ultimately the sad point here is that the mall is just a response to the retarded population’s desire to spend money without thinking. I will make it my life’s goal to not spend a cent in there. and bring down life pharmacy. I have a few life goals.

the day of stalls by ophalm
February 25, 2009, 3:10 pm
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I’m not sure what it’s called. that day when you go to campus and all the banks try to sell you bank accounts and free giveaways.. had a visit today. the weather was shit and the mood depressing. not too many students, as it was also the cookathon, and mainly just muddy grass and hotdogs

teach the controversy

teach the controversy

what else can be said?


stop, tamrtime

stop, tamrtime

tamrtime Globus. there’s posters all around uni. “real food” they say. “no added flavours” huh.. I tried a free sample. it was figgy. “Delicious, Natural, healthy, Nutritious” why only 3 of those 4 words require capitals is beyond my understanding, same with the the lack of vowels in the name


"make it count"

"make it count"

apparently you should only drink one beer. or maybe I didn’t get the message. I wasn’t prepared to go up and see what it was actually about, just stand and photograph from a distance just for you. but it’s a beer with it’s own tap and somehow a beer is being used to promote not binge drinking.. mixed messages guys


have no doubts - they guys do illegal drugs

have no doubts - they guys do illegal drugs

so this is norml. they love that tree don’t they? there’s not much else to be said, other than to note how they love brown

this is what those on the inside call a "deal"

this is what those on the inside call a "deal"

swapping phone numbers so they can swap ounces for money


fitness is the fastest route to public embarrasment

fitness is the fastest route to public embarrasment


personally the idea of fitness doesn’t bode well for me. I know I should, but then I see these guys and am reminded of what being fit does to one


the least visited website

the least visited website

in theory this website is a good idea, but in practice no-one goes to it and therefore no-one trades anything. I’d say “put in some effort, jump on the ship” but I’m not that kind of person, in fact I’d say “don’t go to it” because I don’t want to prolong their pain (kindness resides within)


ignore the girl, she got in the way

ignore the girl, she got in the way

do we really need another terrible energy drink? that’s not a rhetorical question, and the answer is “no, we sure as hell don’t”, especially since the uni wouldn’t sell it anyway, because the naughty capitalists have made the uni a one-brand-of-drink-haven

I also came home freebeeless. and the banks were out in force trying to get those poor students to join their “student” accounts so they can be raped of every last cent by a large soulless corporation. but apparently you get $40 if you join.. something tells me they wouldn’t give you $40 unless they made way more than that back, because they are banks and they are experts at making profits from money, not gullible fools giving away free cash..

textbooks aren’t funny, they’re expensive by ophalm
February 16, 2009, 9:33 pm
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thankfully though we have course related costs so it doesn’t really matter right? you are right, it doesn’t matter.
on the other hand, it does matter because somehow it’s possible that you’re shafting the economy. in a lovely capitalist society like ours we have things called “options” and “choices” and while you don’t really get too choose which textbooks your course recommends, you do get to choose where to buy them from. there’s possibly a large number of places but the two most obvious are UBS or Vol.1.
I personally couldn’t care less where people buy their textbooks, but here’s good news: Vol.1 is usually cheaper – in my experience by about $10-$15. That’s about it. it’s a longer walk but then again it’s close to KFC and super liquor.
if you decide to want slightly cheaper books than the university sanctioned UBS, go to Vol.1
and if you do, tell them otago massacre sent you. they won’t have any idea what that means of course because they’ve never heard of us and our noble cause and we don’t get paid for this in any form (unless insults are a form of payment)