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disco is a terrible affliction by ophalm
March 4, 2009, 6:00 am
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I’m studying one of the many health sciences. because the aim is for us to be able to help the helpless in the future, we need to be able to understand what goes wrong with people. some people call this pathology but I haven’t been taught that yet so that’s more or less just a guess.
maybe we get taught about those people who drink 12 litres of waters and die due to hyponatremia (this word means something) or maybe people get stabbed in the face and die of brain poisoning. right now those are irrelevant to the worst disease of all:


thankfully for us all disco isn’t popular or even any good so we don’t typically get exposed to it. sometimes though our exposure is not controlled. it’s not unheard of for our exposure to reach peak levels during poorly soundtracked parties.
in my experience some people consider the soundtrack to a party of vital importance and therefore spend a lot of time “planning” it. if these people also happen to be in the group of people that have no taste they will consider any music that “people recognise” as good music. unfortunately their knowledge doesn’t extend past what they have experienced at similar poor parties. it’s a self perpetuating cycle
you’ve all been there. you’ve had a few drinks. maybe you feel dizzy and maybe there is some girl who’s denied your come ones for ages and so you’re sitting there, your friends are off getting high but you missed the opportunity and so your sitting there, and “YMCA” comes on. your face falls into your hands and you wish for sobriety, you wish you hadn’t drunk so much and you feel so sorry for yourself. you look around and see exactly 3 people sitting on the other side of the room but they’re horrible people, or at least they look like they would be. the night is going poorly and you’re stuck at this party of a friend of a friends and you can’t get home for some reason so you have to wait and suffer
waiting and suffering becomes your life. outside of this party you might be popular or you might be smart and await glory after uni but right now it’s about waiting and suffering

apparently its entirely possible that there is possible “ok” disco music, but this has been glossed over during your drunk-come-down “glory” and your exposure to gay men singing about fitness peaks. could it be worse? of course it could, you could always been a starving child in africa but that is no comfort while over-drunk and feeling sorry for yourself while at a poorly planned party

why do people play the same terrible music they play on the radio, beamed right into your party? you can choose your own tunes at a party why pick the same shit they play on radio every day?

disco is an infectious disease. there are parts of town designed purely for spreading the disease. here in dunedin we have a disco bar. right now I can’t remember it’s name but it’s on george and looks tacky as all hell and I have on good knowledge an anecdote of the disco bar not allowing someone in dressed in a disco outfit. my knowledge of the anecdote is poor though, and it doesn’t prove anything, other than that disco is also hypocritical.

what’s the moral of this story? party music is lot more irrelevant than you can imagine. unless of of course you choose to make a big deal of the music. but usually anything will do. I remember putting on beneath the remains at a party and no-one noticed. did that mean thrash metal was not influential at that point of time? no of course not you drooling fool it’s always influential and changing lives.
it just means that the music isn’t a fraction as relevant as the people at the party and how intoxicated they are.

if of course your party is more psychedelic than alcohol based then sure the music is important. slap on some sphongle or what you prefer and let the amazing times roll. just remember to take a pad and write down your lessons and send them in