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you’re probably a computer failure by mrobotham


I’m here to set you straight on a few things. see, I’m somewhat of a legend when it comes to computers and so when I see 99% of students using their computers I get personally offended by just how terribly people use them. it’s not entirely their faults, modern operating systems do far more than most people need and therefore make it far easier to fuck up than it should be. I keep my operating system running like a finely tuned ferrari whilst others retain a tractor like quality.

what your computer deserves

it’s far too hard to try to explain how people should really use their computers because if you’re not into them there is simply far too much to get your head around as to why you would even need to do some things. that and people are terrified of change (losers in other words). so I’ve got some handy tips which might make your life a bit better

use dropbox.. why? it’s 2gb of free online storage which is cool in of itself, but it also has a program that automatically syncs it with a folder on your computer.. what does this mean? you have a folder on your computer called “MyDropBox” and anything you put in there is automatically uploaded to the internet. this is where all you morons should save all your important files like essays and shit so that when your computer dies it’s all still available on the internet. backups without thinking. it also retains old versions in case you fuck up.. what makes this program extra special though is that if you install it on two (or more) computers and use the same account, it links them. save a file on one computer, it uploads to the internet and then automatically downloads to the other computer, keeping it all in sync. it’s perfect for retards such as yourselves

and also before when I said handy “tips” I meant “tip”

fuck you

Technology Fail by rogueview
May 18, 2009, 5:46 pm
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Posted by RogueView

As im sure a vast majority of students do, and in fact I’m pretty sure it’s compulsory, I do a lot of my uni work on my computer. For the most part this is very helpful as my handwriting is about as neat as a 7 year old with a short attention spans is. So why is it, every time I stay up late to complete an assignment, one of my three staple necessities will fail me in order to ruin my day/night.

  1. My computer will freeze at the point where the auto save function is busy overwriting so that neither the former nor the latter version can be deciphered.
  2. My printer will decide that tonight it is out of ink in the brand new cartridge I bought for it three days ago and will not let me print my assignment.
  3. I will manage to avoid failures A and B and have my alarm(s) not go off and sleep in past the deadline.

Now one can argue C is technically my fault but still, two alarms failing simultaneously! What did I do to make technology hate me? The other certainty with technology is that should your own fail you, the public access ones at university will all be taken up by people on Facebook. Now I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say I don’t use it myself but honestly every time I have a total technology hates me day I can be certain that people will be on it when I need those computers.

The other thing that is fantastic about technology is its ability to let us all find new and creative ways to procrastinate from our work. Imagine those poor people who went to university before PC’s were widespread, their only distractions were the weather outside, the family and friends that lived close and the television. Now we have not only built on those, we almost all have cars (I say in terms of all my friends at least) so friends need not live close, sky television with 99 channels of crap instead of the usual 4 or whatever. No, that wasn’t enough, now we have the glories of Facebook and Bebo and Myspace and then there are sites like bored.com and all sorts of online games that we claim are socially acceptable. I will not bother developing on that, we all know what I am implying here.

Mostly when I refer to technology I mean computers and their associated peripherals because I have no problems with my heatpump or electric blanket. Both are fantastic.

So although it is a brief one, im just curious as to if I am the only one that finds technology is great for screwing us over when we give it the slightest opportunity.