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you’re not cool enough for modaks by ophalm
February 20, 2009, 7:00 am
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you’re not cool enough for modaks

a pretentious espresso shop

pretentious people at a pretentious coffee shop


thats’s not to say that you’re not cool, you might be the coolest motherfucker in town. it’s just to say that no-one is cool enough for modaks.
see those people in the picture who think they’re cool enough to drink on the street at modaks? they’re not cool enough. they’re not even close.

not even the employees are cool enough.

no-one can ever be cool enough for modaks. no-one can ever be alternative enough for modaks. sure they have awesome seasoned fries and an expensive array of cold drinks, but there’s nothing you can ever do to be cool enough.

you’re allowed to still go there of course, but the entire time you’ll be aware of the simple fact that that you’re just not cool enough. the people who sit on the street with their checker pants and black hair and tattoos, they attempt to understand what it is to be a true modakker, they’d even lead you to believe that’s what is required. but they’re way off, they have no clue. no-one does. am I making my point clear?

hopefully dozens of people are not disappointed into falling into the delusion that they are cool enough to sit outside modaks thanks to this post. hopefully people don’t go home crying to mummy and hopefully no-one ever wonders what life would be life if they were cool enough. it’s not gonna happen.