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critic cavern 23/07/09 by ophalm


well what the shit we have another critic. I’m pretty stoked personally to have found out that the deliver critic as far as the big medical school building. this way I can get my dose of critic a few minutes earlier

and what a dose
what’s happened to all the money? because when I read juicy I expect colours, not this old timey black and white casablanca bullshit that my parents had to put up with
when I looked at it, my first thought was “budget” and my next move was turning the page

on the facing page we find out that a surveying student dies, a real shame. was he drunk when he fell into the water? “it appears he became disoriented before falling into the harbour”. it certainly seems like he was, he had left a 21st. now I don’t think this guy is to blame, my beef is with the lack of mention of alcohol. imagine if there was any evidence that he was on any other drug, “p kills surveying student” or “survey shows surveyor died of cannabis!” it just pisses me off the double standards for alcohol vs recreational drugs. I don’t want to hate on alcohol, but it causes more issues than all other drugs combined; and when it appears fundamental to the death of a promising individual and it’s not even mentioned (knowing full well other drugs would be mentioned if they were involved instead) it just pisses me off. I think it’s a conspiracy theory run by the speights corporation to keep the nation enslaved and sorry I’m not open to any evidence to the contrary


I can't think of many cooler graffitis than the word yeast. microbiology, vaginal infections. I do love fungus and anyone who graffitis fungus related things is a-ok in my book

“shocking revelations” about the state of student housing. I feel the word “revelation” is a bit over the top, seriously no one was under any false impressions of the state of student housing in otago? even the “get over it” campaign knows this, and when advertising campaigns are aware of things, only retard rockers don’t. anyway it’s an interesting article, I can’t tell if they are trying to blame students or landlords. they are just saying that shit sucks really. the students lap it up though. first years get a chance to have decent first hand experience of castle street before vying for the flats next year, it’s not like they are conned into shit. they made their bed and now they’re sleeping in it what is the problem?

you know there are a lot of words in this critic. not enough pictures and not enough colours and too many words

just look:
* why should ousa not rush into supporting the stadium?
* laffin’ it up in dunedin
* making a buck out of other people’s bad luck
* rioting with reason: forty years on from the stonewall riots
*a kiwi comic book hero

all in a row. I realise magazines are to provide content but geez. I read the start of three of them. that’s a pretty good effort for me
I have to say that I don’t get the article on comedians. is it mocking them or celebrating them? it’s kinda doing both – poorly. the one about war seems promising. it’s the kind of article I think other people should read, but wouldn’t read myself.. does that make me a hypocrite or simply a wise mentor?
stonewall riots is all about the gay agenda. god bless lsd for unleashing a generation from under the power of authority. but authority made awesome experiences illegal in order to steal back their reign of terror. thankfully it has never quite gotten back to where it was, but “brave new world” style distraction certainly has society tied down in a totally different way, maybe not as bad but certainly more subversive. I see it in other students, it makes me sad, that people don’t care much and that the media has sort of implied that fighting for things is pointless please just sit back and enjoy the ride. I could go on but I don’t think I know what I’m talking about
something about comic books. I don’t get comics. they are extremely unsatisfying and I kinda like the concept of x-men but reading a comic of it sucks. I have to walk past a comic book store every day to uni, and I hardly ever see anyone in there and it kind of makes me sad because I don’t like seeing businesses failing, but that is just a presumption and it is a shit time economically and I just wonder why people do things like that. I’ve seen some of the staff, and they look way too “trendy” and “cool” and certainly look like they think they’re cool enough for modaks but I don’t buy it and sorry comics don’t appeal. thats my opinion about that article

what is the point of bunch of fives? community? an attempt to provide realism? is it the magazine equivalent of reality tv?
it doesn’t make sense. it would be nice if they told us what the questions they asked were. who edits this magazine?

and the rest goes on and on and on. the most interesting thing in the second entire half of the magazine is the second half of the letters which are placed right at the end. there is a charming wee letter about the code of conduct. I don’t know fuck all about the code but this person is asking a ridiculous request, an infringement on other people’s lives and is the equivalent of going to church and the minister telling you that you had to go straight home after church and couldn’t hang around with other people.
CoC lover your name says it all

trips away by loisweathers
July 21, 2009, 9:07 pm
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lois weathers

A lot of people went away in this mid semester break and I was one of them, And I’m going to share my awesome experiences with you so next semester break you may be able to break away from this hell hole. I’m going to start off by saying that it’s not cheap but smart students know this is what course related costs are for; however even with the $1000 the government gives out so willingly you still need to be prudish to have several trips away over the entire year. Or alternatively if you’re kind of a loser you can go with your parents who are so eager to see you they will probably pay for the entire trip and you won’t starve.


a promising start to a holiday with your parents

Now the first thing to decide is where you going, this can be determined by a multitude of things. Often it comes down to if you or one of your friends knows someone who knows someone with a pad you can crash at because you’re too poor to pay for accommodation. Now if you don’t know anyone anywhere with a pad you can crash at the next cheapest option is to go bush and get a tent, this comes with the problem of freezing cold temperatures especially at this time of the year. I would not advise sleeping in your car unless you have a van of some sort as the cramped confined space will make you want to kill yourself and everyone around you.


no tent site looks like this

If the tent or car isn’t an option you need to go to a backpackers. Now these can range in price and you’re going to want to hunt to find the cheapest. In my experience knowing someone was the best, they gave you a nice wee place with no time limit and all it cost was a box of chocolates. The backpackers was nice and I meet some great people but you knew how much it was costing you and that is a buzz kill. I never tried the tent so if you have feel free to comment on the pros/cons of that. Of course the best of all is going with your parents who will put you up in a motel with sky tv and your own en suite.


there is a stereotypical backer image, and this embodies it more than anything in the universe

So once you’ve decided where you are headed you need to decide what you are going to do there. This is very important and should have come up when you were deciding where you were going but it didn’t because you were focused on accommodation. You need not worry what you are going to do if you’re on a trip with your parents because they have endless money and constantly want to shower you with goods. On my trip with my mum we went on the train trip across NZ. It was $120 return and there was little time to be drunk (however the lady in the seat next to us managed it). The trip in which I was given a wee house by someone we knew was in queenstown and there were plenty of things to do and because accommodation cost was not an issue we could spend more on activities. Alternatively bushwalks are a nice free way to spend the day and day picnics are just lovely.

The last issue everyone comes to is food, thats some expensive shit. I have 3 words for you, Up n Go. That shit is filling and you only need one in the morning and one at around 3oclock. Im not guna say you wont be hungry, you will and it’ll be difficult going back to solids after just having up n go for a week, but you wont die and thats all that really matters.
So please take some of my helpful words of wisdom on your next trip away, and please don’t brag about how mean and sick your trip was when you get back cos thats just kinda annoying and to be honest no one cares where you went they’re just glad they didn’t have to see your fucking face every day. LOL

up&go is unfortunately not this psychedelic

up&go is unfortunately not this psychedelic