otago massacre

join/contact us

think you’ve got the balls to be one of us? want to contribute to the site? well maybe you can.. we have low standards and just want material.. think of us as “competition” to the critic (we’re not) and you’ll understand what kind of rubbish we’re trying to achieve here and consequently know if this is your kind of game

leave a comment on this page, and we’ll be in contact, let you know if you’re good enough

if you just want to contact us, well, leave a message here. if you want to email us to make sure no-one else reads it etc, leave your email in the email section when you comment. others won’t see it, just us.

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I can use a keyboard and am capable of forming angry opinions about things I don’t quite understand. Am I in?

Comment by criticalwat

well you fit the criterion perfectly so yes. if you’re serious and not just poorly attempting sarcasm that is…

Comment by ophalm

RE: prior ‘face’ discussion. I now exist on wordpress. Sign me up!

TJ (‘The John’)

Comment by strangelyanonymous

glad to have you on board

Comment by ophalm

Are all of these people you?

Comment by Anonymous

as charming as that would be, no, they are in fact real people

Comment by ophalm

I would like to join as well

Comment by Economicus

I sent you an email regarding

Comment by ophalm

thanks, my email is the student one you know and my username is economicus111,


Comment by economicus111

well you’re one of us now. check your email for information (btw I sent the email before I added you so some might be a bit redundant, but there is good info in there)

Comment by ophalm

Need something other than study to do.

Comment by cantspell

check yo email

Comment by ophalm

Ya wanting another person to offer there view on life and just general shit.

Im keen

Comment by machinegunjoe

email sent

Comment by ophalm

let us thank god for nicobrevvin

Comment by Anonymous

this sites awesome. screw society.

Comment by Rachel foerg

I would like to talk to somebody about having something removed from a post.

Comment by Nick Dewar

Hey nick. All of the information on the list is from the nz herald which is freely avaiable information similar to what you can get from the court pages.

Comment by criticalwat

i just emailed you

Comment by ophalm

I’m keen to contribute.

Comment by Mech

emailed you

Comment by ophalm

hi, i’m extremely keen to be part of this

Comment by mrobotham

mrobotham -> emailed

Comment by ophalm

Hello there, I would also really like my name deleted from a post

Comment by MoMo

I would like my name removed from a post please.

Comment by James

deleted post

Comment by criticalwat

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