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Technology Fail
May 18, 2009, 5:46 pm
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As im sure a vast majority of students do, and in fact I’m pretty sure it’s compulsory, I do a lot of my uni work on my computer. For the most part this is very helpful as my handwriting is about as neat as a 7 year old with a short attention spans is. So why is it, every time I stay up late to complete an assignment, one of my three staple necessities will fail me in order to ruin my day/night.

  1. My computer will freeze at the point where the auto save function is busy overwriting so that neither the former nor the latter version can be deciphered.
  2. My printer will decide that tonight it is out of ink in the brand new cartridge I bought for it three days ago and will not let me print my assignment.
  3. I will manage to avoid failures A and B and have my alarm(s) not go off and sleep in past the deadline.

Now one can argue C is technically my fault but still, two alarms failing simultaneously! What did I do to make technology hate me? The other certainty with technology is that should your own fail you, the public access ones at university will all be taken up by people on Facebook. Now I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say I don’t use it myself but honestly every time I have a total technology hates me day I can be certain that people will be on it when I need those computers.

The other thing that is fantastic about technology is its ability to let us all find new and creative ways to procrastinate from our work. Imagine those poor people who went to university before PC’s were widespread, their only distractions were the weather outside, the family and friends that lived close and the television. Now we have not only built on those, we almost all have cars (I say in terms of all my friends at least) so friends need not live close, sky television with 99 channels of crap instead of the usual 4 or whatever. No, that wasn’t enough, now we have the glories of Facebook and Bebo and Myspace and then there are sites like bored.com and all sorts of online games that we claim are socially acceptable. I will not bother developing on that, we all know what I am implying here.

Mostly when I refer to technology I mean computers and their associated peripherals because I have no problems with my heatpump or electric blanket. Both are fantastic.

So although it is a brief one, im just curious as to if I am the only one that finds technology is great for screwing us over when we give it the slightest opportunity.


Political Correctness
April 28, 2009, 6:00 pm
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Now I know it’s not an original topic because everyone knows its crap but hey. I was watching the news a few weeks ago, you know the horrible practically scripted set of repetitive crap that shows just how Bilingual our society is by opening with “Ki Ora and good evening” and the rest of the show is in English unless the story specifically corresponds to Maori landmarks and such. Anyway I heard our minister for Maori affairs Dr Pita Sharples claiming that the fact that the Supercity the government wants to make Auckland into will not include Maori seats is an example of “institutionalized racism” was anyone else shaking their heads with disbelief at this point? Literally the only thing that those seats do is force NEW ZEALANDERS who are not maori to have them.

Now last I checked the other seats in the council would be available to anyone, of any ethnicity as elected by the public to represent the public. This is the Democratic system and we know it has flaws but still. The only thing racist about those seats is having them, but apparently to Dr Pita Sharples racism cannot apply to any other race other than Maori. He also had this as his reasoning for having the seats. “we have not been able to have a Maori on a council, they have not been elected.” The clue is in the wording mate, elected, by the people you are representing. If the population wants a Maori candidate wouldn’t they elect them? Having seats for a racial group is discriminatory to all other racial groups. Just for the record let it be known that I do actually respect Pita Sharples on most things, he is a clever man and very nearly got my vote at the elections and I think his presence in government could do good things for our nation.

Another thing that really gets me is that on all of our forms in New Zealand they all seem to say “NZ Pakeha”. Now I get the whole pakeha thing is the name that the Indigenous Maori people of New Zealand gave to the original European colonists. But the problem with that is, I am not a European colonist, I am a New Zealander and I am damn proud of it. On those forms I refuse to tick NZ Pakeha because I am not. I am a New Zealander irrespective of what race my parents were or their parents and so forth so in the slot for OTHER I write in New Zealander. To then have the news (aforementioned rubbish that we must occasionally endure (why – ophalm?)) proclaiming that “Maori would like to be called New Zealanders” I thought that’s great, we can be a nation of one race but no they also wanted to be getting the other special privileges such as the university grants and the tribal payouts etc. That’s not equality. I just cant understand why people put up with it. Not that i am not sympathetic to the Maori rational as they were somewhat ripped off by the British colonizers with their land taken, I do believe that they should receive some compensation of sorts but at the same time, money that I as a taxpayer am paying to the government should not be being used to pay for an old dispute. Maori people were ostracised and outcast for a few generations and the language all but destroyed, there is nothing we can do to repair that, money sure doesn’t do it. We are however rebuilding that language, a friend of mine in Teachers College is having to learn Maori in order to be a Teacher, thats more of a step than payouts ever will be.

As a final comment towards the racial issues of political correctness, has anyone noticed those new Maori entities? The “Maori” drivers license, the “Maori” police and as one of my flatmates saw at the warehouse the other day, “Maori” girl guides. Good grief is there no point where people just think, wait a minute this is a bit over the top. The new decision by the New Zealand Geographical board to rename Wanganui Whanganui was ridiculous. Yes it was its name to Maori people but its been called Wanganui for the past 150 years why should it change now. Even our dear Otago is derived from the colonists mishearing Otakou. Are we going to have to change that too? And then what about Christchurch? Because that cannot be its traditional Maori name? The only logical reasonIi can think of for changing Wanganui is that it is a Maori name that is spelt incorrectly, so what. A name is a name, the worst thing is its purely appearance! It’s a silent freaking H. As you can tell I am very frustrated with the politically correct views that keep people from commenting on this kind of thing. Just because an issue is a racial thing doesn’t mean that we should just hush up and say nothing. That’s insane!