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thursday wordshit #3
March 19, 2010, 2:11 am
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Campus Shop

I really like V and pepsi!  Please keep up the good work at providing everyone with V and Pepsi!! Also I appericate the joy you bring to the process of buying a nice bottle of Pepsi followed up by a $4 sandwhich or a $7 microwavable burger.


it is very good. keep up the good work guys 🙂 I look forward to reading more informative articles in the future on what people are doing in the halls and student politics! also I think you should cover topics about how sometimes freshers drink too much and do more reviews so we can find out what more students think about things!

I also find the suggestion that people would read critic instead of listening in lectures very funny and bears repeating every issue! If I see someone reading critic in class instead of taking notes I will inform them of that.

Another thing I like alot is how you take comics from the internet like XKCD and viruscomix and put them in your print magazine! I like that a lot since I don’t always have printer paper at home and you almost always manage to find the comics that reflect my tastes as a student. 

My personal favourite however is how the student interview column “Bunch Of Fives” takes up a whole page filled with what my fellow student accosted around the link (I sit there!) think!


Thursday Wordshit #2
March 11, 2010, 3:28 pm
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Today is thursday so I will write words for you to read.

Energy Drink Review
Lo-Carb Monster Energy 500ml can

so good for you,it’ll probably give you cancer before it makes you fatter

Taste: Like how bubblegum flavoured V would taste but less sugary. As you could imagine it leaves a little bit of an aftertaste

Marketing Spiel:

Pretty retarded. By energy drink standards its better then the  macho shit mother and demon spouts as well as Relentless’s whole “Suffer for your ART” thing…still they could of said everything that needed saying about the product in the second last line

“Tear into a can of the meanest energy drink on the planet. LO CARB MONSTER ENERGY.

We went down to the lab and performed major surgery on the Monster. We hacked out the carbohydrates and calories,transplanted the massive buzz and dialed in the flavor.

Lo-Carb Monster Energy still delivers the big bad buzz you know and love but only has a fraction of the calories

Unleash The Beast!”

Mixed with alcohol: What are you retarded? This shit is bad enough for you already. If you have to I guess it wouldn’t mix too badly as a replacement to red bull in a jägerbomb in terms of taste since its not as strong tasting as red bull.

Strength: As its not a “nutritional supplement” (some drinks like NOS try to get more caffeine in their drinks by calling them that) its about average for a 500ml drink. Mother and Demon are a little bit stronger though.

Price: I paid about $3.20 from Rob Roy. I think thats pretty standard

Other: This stuff smells really strongly of bubblegum even once the can is empty. Its actually kinda weird

Computer Tip

edit: dropbox has a web interface. disregard my bullshit

Also a tip for windows users. try opening up msconfig every so often and unchecking the stuff you don’t absolutely need at startup in the startup tab. This will save a lot of time when you start your computer.

You can do this by opening up Run (should be under accessories depending on your version of windows) and typing in msconfig to open the program.

Then just click on startup and uncheck stuff you don’t think you need. Remember you can just open up apps as you need them anyway

Criticalwats Thursday Thing
March 4, 2010, 5:30 pm
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Welcome First Years. If you are reading this you aren’t rioting so get to it you little shits..I’m not sure who is posting this year apart from that red cups guy. First thing I need to get out of the way is that the coffee in the link still sucks.. Go anywhere but there really unless you are into “ironically” drinking shitty coffee.

The other is Clubs and societies. If you are interested in doing stuff at university apart from pulling all night study and drinking bottles of horse urine you should probably join a club. There are four types of clubs that you can join

*Sports Clubs: In where you play sports which usually involves chasing balls around and getting really sweaty.

*Religious/Political Clubs: In where you advertise to the world how wrong you are about everything

*Hobby Clubs: In where you slowly become obsessed with your new found skill at t-shirt printing until you are found years later in a dark one bedroom apartment buried under a pile of shirts with “witty” slogans on them.

*KAOS: In where you hunt the most cunning prey of all (man)

If you are interested in joining any of those clubs you should probably become familiar with the push for the university to adopt VSM. VSM is similar to V.D. in that if you don’t take proper precautions you will likely cause your genitals to become a fertile breeding ground for all kinds of nasty organisms..you should probably oppose it unless you are cool with sharing your pants with a fungal colony.

puppies and sunshine and little bunnies

criticalwat is back (to using unessecary parenthesis )
March 3, 2010, 6:43 pm
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Just putting in an update to say I am going to update semi regularly this year..

Usually one post every Thursday (starting tomorrow). There isn’t really going to be any set theme but if i post something that you like,tell me and i’ll try to post more stuff like it. Likewise if I post something you dislike tell me and i’ll try to post less of it.

Sometimes our drinking culture isn’t very good
August 24, 2009, 5:35 pm
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Recently there have been these signs up going around campus asking what to do about our student binge drinking culture. Quite frankly they stunk of the kind of “pat yourself on the back group hug” bullshit that certainly won’t help solve this problem. Why? Because WE are the god-damn problem. Every single one of us who have ever spent a single dollar at Re:Fuel,The Cook and Liquorland are part of the problem.

“But I don’t binge drink. I’m not the problem” Shut The Fuck Up. Yes. Yes you are. Every drink you buy at these places makes it cheaper for them to do shit like Pint Night and stuff like that which turn getting drunk into an “event” rather then an altered state caused by having far too much alcohol in your bloodstream which in turn gives people an excuse to go out on the waste thereby promoting the drinking culture in dunedin.

Writing a few nice phrases about how something should be done on a board will not cut the mustard.

The only way to do it is to firstly stop drinking at these places then to cut down on your drinking altogether (otherwise we’d just be moving the problem) and finally to encourage others to do the same.

(no,before you ask I don’t support prohibition. It,like the current cannabis prohibition was an incredibly retarded idea. Instead I am suggesting that you voluntary stop drinking to stop making the current situation in Dunedin any worse then it already is.)

Sometimes news articles are not very good
August 8, 2009, 3:29 pm
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Sometimes some things are not very good. Occasionally I will write about them.

If you enjoyed this article you may also enjoy watching elderly people yell at their television sets.

Sometimes news articles are not very good
Hackers target Twitter,Facebook

Firstly they use the term “Hackers” wrongly. I won’t go into detail of the idea of white hat and black hat hackers or how the term crackers is sometimes used to describe such acts but the common usage of the term (i.e. breaching the security of a computer for fun or profit) does not apply here.

Instead what actually happened was that a large group of computers called a botnet were (willingly or unwillingly) used to request a page on those sites multiple times causing intense strain on Twitter and Facebook’s servers until they went down.

Secondly the heading “ANTISOCIAL ATTACKS”. Get it? because they are attacking social networking websites so therefore it is an “Anti Social” attack? I feel both entertained and informed from this article now.

Thirdly an utterly pointless interview

“For lawyer Zabi Nowald, it was just another day — Twitter or no Twitter — as he headed to work in downtown Los Angeles with a laptop in one hand and a Blackberry in the other.

“None of my friends do Twitter; none of my employers do,” said Nowald, 27. “It affects my life zero. I lost something I never had.”

Why? Why did you include this interview in the article? Who is Zabi Nowald and what does he have to do with evil hackers stealing our internets? Should I ask him about how my posting on otago massacre affects him to pad out my writing?

“For lawyer Zabi Nowald, it was just another day — criticalwat post or no criticalwat post — as he headed to work in downtown Los Angeles with a laptop in one hand and a Blackberry in the other.

“None of my friends read his posts; none of my employers do,” said Nowald, 27. “It affects my life zero. I lost something I never had.”

Generally as a whole article it just kind of skips about randomly listing fragments of interviews and how north Korea attacked a bunch of governmental websites in the USA instead of giving any solid reasons about why someone might of done this and what the possible implications could be (outside of twitter)


Much like how when you think you have finished being violently ill then a bit more comes up sometimes I will write more words at the end of my posts.

Sometimes News Corp is not very good

  • Recently they decided they aren’t making enough money from advertising so they are going to start charging people for all of the content on their websites. From an interview with Rupert Murdoch in the article “To stop readers simply migrating to the free news websites of rivals, News Corp would “just make our content better and differentiate it from other people”” (link)
  • Rupert Murdoch is also mad about amazon not giving him more money and the names of subscribers from people who buy the subscriptions on the Kindle e-book reader to the wall street journal. Zabi Nowald could not be reached for comment (link)

June 30, 2009, 7:31 pm
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