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thursday wordshit #3 by criticalwat
March 19, 2010, 2:11 am
Filed under: meta, nonsensical

Campus Shop

I really like V and pepsi!  Please keep up the good work at providing everyone with V and Pepsi!! Also I appericate the joy you bring to the process of buying a nice bottle of Pepsi followed up by a $4 sandwhich or a $7 microwavable burger.


it is very good. keep up the good work guys 🙂 I look forward to reading more informative articles in the future on what people are doing in the halls and student politics! also I think you should cover topics about how sometimes freshers drink too much and do more reviews so we can find out what more students think about things!

I also find the suggestion that people would read critic instead of listening in lectures very funny and bears repeating every issue! If I see someone reading critic in class instead of taking notes I will inform them of that.

Another thing I like alot is how you take comics from the internet like XKCD and viruscomix and put them in your print magazine! I like that a lot since I don’t always have printer paper at home and you almost always manage to find the comics that reflect my tastes as a student. 

My personal favourite however is how the student interview column “Bunch Of Fives” takes up a whole page filled with what my fellow student accosted around the link (I sit there!) think!


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