otago massacre

critic cavern by ophalm
September 21, 2009, 1:36 pm
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apparently there was this big rally and people drove down from christchurch and there were riots. in fact it seems that this issue of critic is composed entirely of articles about it. well, there was some other shit but yeah..


what else can be said about the undie? nothing really. I’ll just go out on a limb and say fuck you to everyone involved, whether you contributed, or opposed it, or set a couch on fire or opposed setting a couch on fire. even if all you did was stay at home and talk about it on the internet, fuck you. I think this paragraph has been the most insightful of all commentaries on the undie

lovely article about prostitution. man I would have loved to have known who the health sci hooker was. I’ve seen most of “secret diary of a call girl” so I think I’m pretty qualified to understand prostitution. all in all the article makes it seem very sexy and I think it’ll encourage a lot more girls to get into this soul destroying career. it makes them sound kind of like sex nurses. not sexy nurses as such, but people who heal through sex… hmm

fashion has to be the most worthless invention of a social society and there is an article in there that loves it. it’s quite hard to get across just what I hate about fashion, but it’s not the fashion part in of itself that I hate. what makes it so worthless – and dare I say detrimental – to society is that it more or less encourages people to be blase about anything that matters and put a lot of money and mental effort into something ultimately meaningless.

there is a cost of keeping up with fashion. and it’s mostly a financial cost. fashion isn’t so much about being fashionable as much as it’s about spending money to look “good”. and before you criticise this theory, I want you to understand that fashion – and being fashionable in of itself – is not what the issue is. see if people made their own clothes, and was somehow fashionable in a resourceful way, it would be fine.
but like I said, being fashionable these days is all about spending disposable income on expensive clothes and spending time and energy in finding out what these clothes are, just to appeal to some vague notion of being fashionable.. it just makes people pawns and it’s fcuking lame. the article mentions a trashy US show called “gossip girls” which contributes nothing to society, as some form of fashion leadership when it comes to sunglasses. if that in itself doesn’t offend you then maybe you should leave. now

so yeah, ignore what that article says about what you should be wearing. wear what you feel comfortable in and if you see georgie fenwicke go and touch her inappropriately, ask for some of her “georgie pies” and then tell her she is making the world a terrible place

and so apart from those two things the only thing worth reading is the last letter on the last page. by clinton mccarthy. I couldn’t find him on a quick facialbook search so his identity will be forever unknown. have no fear though – he will get nowhere in life

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