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critic cavern 25/08/09 by ophalm
August 25, 2009, 10:21 am
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let’s be honest, last week of the term, who could be arsed doing a real cavern? no one that’s who. no one else lines up to do this shit. but it’s got to be done, like changing the toilet roll after it’s empty, avoiding the issue just leads to a faecal mess that you’re going to spend a long time convincing someone else to tidy up.

the OUSA elections are going this week. are you going to vote? I will and that’s all I know. the voter turn out shows us that the majority of the university are simply here to get a degree and not give a fuck. I guess that’s one way to be a successful human being. like strangelyanonymous pointed out in his hard hitting article though, the results of the voting don’t matter. maybe I don’t understand democracy, I just know I’ve been brainwashed into a voting automaton

ben from critic asked me to write a pundit like article for their magazine.. I did it purely for the free otago massacre advertising, and as an opportunity to get “ass wasting” in print, but they changed my spelling to the more correct english way and now I feel a little ripped off if not shafted..

and what else is there? an article about the digitalisation of music. I feel deeply saddened by the writers lack of commitment to the issues that really matter. there’s no discussion of DRM really, or what better solutions could be. doesn’t seem like the writer acknowledges that the music labels want desperately to hold onto their old business models, but need to get with the times..

theres also like 50 other pages in the magazine. most contain stuff not worth reading, and that fits nicely with my apathy..


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Hi there…

Why does DRM matter? It has proven to be largely irrelevant, ineffective and is now a dead issue.

And surely a discussion of the music industry’s business models starts with explaining their model and why the death of the album is hitting them so hard? I also thought that I fairly clearly explained that they’re losing control – there’s only so much they can do against Apple. There was a great graph showing that we’re well into the digital single/iTunes age of music too – unfortunately it somehow got lost in Critic’s file shares.

I would love to hear about the issues that really matter (I’m serious too, please do tell me what I missed – I wrote most of that article in 36 hours) – for my part I tried to write an article about the practical issues at hand and how the industry relates to consumers in the past, present, and potentially the future.

I’m well tired of reading rants about DRM from people who want to assuage the guilt of their piracy.
I’m also tired of reading rants about dying feudal corporations from people who are still happy to whore themselves out for their iPods and the latest fashion, yet won’t challenge the hierarchy or stick their necks out to try something new when they do find themselves working for the evil machine – and people who don’t work can only do so because of the people that do so their opinions are always tainted by denied guilt and self-justification.

What I tried to write was a mostly positive article about how things are changing for the better, with a bit of a spin about how singles and digital hostility are back-firing on the music industry.

It might be worth considering that the popular gospel of bloggers and fashionable youth culture is not the only way of looking at the world.

Have a good one, thanks for considering our article worth reading 😉

Comment by Seth Veale

yeah I think those are all good points.

I guess I just felt like it didn’t talk about the issues that I personally care about. and you’re right, I am a bit of a opinionated hypocrite but that’s what you get for reading the internet.

it’s pretty clear you’re a lot more versed in the topic than I. I don’t know what to say but that you’re probably right on all counts.

thanks for caring enough to comment and engage in discussion about it!

Comment by ophalm

sorry for the weak reply but I don’t know what else to say to such a mighty reply

Comment by ophalm

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