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Sometimes our drinking culture isn’t very good by criticalwat
August 24, 2009, 5:35 pm
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Recently there have been these signs up going around campus asking what to do about our student binge drinking culture. Quite frankly they stunk of the kind of “pat yourself on the back group hug” bullshit that certainly won’t help solve this problem. Why? Because WE are the god-damn problem. Every single one of us who have ever spent a single dollar at Re:Fuel,The Cook and Liquorland are part of the problem.

“But I don’t binge drink. I’m not the problem” Shut The Fuck Up. Yes. Yes you are. Every drink you buy at these places makes it cheaper for them to do shit like Pint Night and stuff like that which turn getting drunk into an “event” rather then an altered state caused by having far too much alcohol in your bloodstream which in turn gives people an excuse to go out on the waste thereby promoting the drinking culture in dunedin.

Writing a few nice phrases about how something should be done on a board will not cut the mustard.

The only way to do it is to firstly stop drinking at these places then to cut down on your drinking altogether (otherwise we’d just be moving the problem) and finally to encourage others to do the same.

(no,before you ask I don’t support prohibition. It,like the current cannabis prohibition was an incredibly retarded idea. Instead I am suggesting that you voluntary stop drinking to stop making the current situation in Dunedin any worse then it already is.)


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Comment by Sarah

didn’t realise it wasn’t there. Added

Comment by criticalwat

I was going to make a post about this soon..

I don’t know if I agree with what you think is the issue. Maybe you’re right. I do disagree with the fact that everyone is the problem if they simple just have a drink though.

I’d say it wasn’t the turning drinking into an event was so much an issue, it’s the fact that it seems so common in our society to hold getting “too drunk” as some kind of standard or goal. Some people actually say things like “tonight I’m going to get so drunk I spew!”, and the humorous regard people have for memories of getting so drunk that they pass out somewhere.

Somehow, getting too drunk somehow got respectable, and since people overshoot with drinking mostly anyway, when the goal is to get really drunk, it just falls over

I drew a graph to illustrate the problem..

Comment by ophalm

Yes everyone is responsible for their own actions and any associated behavior while drink is definitely the responsibility of the individual. Binge drinking is a cultural issue established over hundreds of years ingrained not just in New Zealand but in many parts of the world and simply putting up players running averts and changing laws will do little to change this. All legislation does is punish everyone for the actions of a minority. I for one have many fond memories of my time in Dunedin, at the Gardies, Moa, Cook etc and most of these involve alcohol. I would hate to see it priced beyond the means of the average student and drive it further into the back streets and student flats. Student drinking is best handled in controlled areas like bars where there are sober people (staff) and bouncers etc to stop any excessive anti social behavior and monitor the safety of the patron. See these links for a 3 part series on binge drinking you may find interesting 1) http://bit.ly/hikKdA 2)http://bit.ly/gtd8cm 3) http://bit.ly/hDym5v

Comment by inapprorpriatenz

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