otago massacre

Who actually cares? by strangelyanonymous
August 19, 2009, 2:52 am
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With all this wank about about OUSA elections, I raise a question, what does it matter? The president is to perform some functional roles, yes. But I could easily do what ever it is they do. Go to a meeting, uphold what ever agreements have been made blah blah (I don’t want to that, but I could) . Essentially, I think it is a role that could held by most people. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have one, but why on earth do they expect me care who it is? As long it’s not a retarded monkey, they will do the same thing. It’s not like national government where my choice actually has an impact on outcomes affecting me. They will not lower fees, get cheaper food on campus or uncover that tunnel opposit the clocktower where you used to be able to get down to the Leith. That’s not the fault of OUSA, it’s just that the University is a multimillion dollar industry and they are not going to let a bunch of kids who have loitered around campus for a couple of years go changing things willy nilly. Of course I am willing to have my mind changed… comments…?

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you’re pretty much on the money

like I said, it’s like choosing toilet paper

Comment by ophalm

vote 4 me 2 legalise weed bro

Comment by DICKMAN

Essentially, this is it. The only time I’ve cared about the OUSA president is when they get interviewed by the national news and end up on TV at 6pm. If they are an incoherent moron, a bunch of people I don’t care about sit at home watching the news and think “Hmmm, those Otago students sure are wank stains”. If they are articulate and level headed, the same people I couldn’t give a flying fuck about think “Hmmm, those Otago students are alright”.

Oh no wait, this just shows how pointless I think it all is…

Comment by Sarah

well since that ass monkey nicholas has pulled out it truly doesn’t matter at all

Comment by ophalm

You know I bet sarah has that accent that reaks of “im better than you”. If I ever meet you sarah, I might sneeze on you and pull it off as an accident. No shit. Whatch out when people sneeze on you now, cos thats me!

Comment by Anonymous

What an anonymous thing to say.

Comment by DICKMAN

Oh great Anonymous, how brave you are with your sneeze threats. Yes, you’re right, I am better than people who purposefully sneeze on others.

You’re such an edgy intellectual Anonymous, I can’t wait to meet you and your greasy neckbeard.

Comment by Sarah

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