otago massacre

the greatest thing on the internet? by ophalm
August 12, 2009, 10:31 pm
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or have I sold out?

since I’m a bit of a sucker for punishment, and get more thrills than any sane person should from putting effort into making up stuff on the internet that only a limited number of people will ever read, I’ve created the otago massacre forums. yep that’s right


the great thing about forums like this, is that you end up with about 5 or 10 people registering, and getting poor to moderate use for a week before no-one posts and it’s kinda like a ghost town but there are no e-tumble weeds. and that is what running an amateur blog is all about, that kind of thing!

so should you go there? I don’t know. hardly anyone replies to the posts on this site even if a reasonable amount of people visit it, so it’s unlikely there is any real reason. but I’ll be there for a while anyway, and maybe a few made up people and desperate loners too…

I even made part of the forum available for guests to post in without having to register. oh the joy that will bring!

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dude..freeforall guest forums = porn spam.

Comment by criticalwat

wait. your link is broken. Unless it was meant to link back to here 😐

Comment by criticalwat

well I presume the porn spam will take a short while to start flowing through

and cheers, fixed that link issue!

Comment by ophalm

this thing was the biggest bomb to ever hit the internet

Comment by ophalm

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