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tights. are they pants? by ophalm
August 6, 2009, 5:40 pm
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just what the fuck are these things?

generations come and go but one thing stays the same – certain people are fuckwits. we can’t be certain if the tights=pants crew falls directly into this category, and that is why we’re asking a fundamental question

see the problem is that some people evidently think that tights suffice as pants, and that others – who have to observe such things – consider this thought incomprehensible and possibly offensive. and such matters are escalated to significant importance when the tights end up exposing the underwear for everyone to see and judge! what horrors

so do tights suffice as pants? they certainly seem to as far as the most fundamental aspects of pants are considered, but in reality, the theory practice gaps shows us that they fall short of the glorious goal.

and part of me even wonders if this is done on purpose?


not quite as sexy as they think it is, more whoreish really

do you remember the whale tail invasion of the earlier decade? initially it seems that exposure of underwear to the masses is somewhat unwanted, embarrasing and so on. but it was taken to it’s sexy limit and this indecent flaunting of “panties” became a flirtatious pastime and was (barely) socially accepted. and so what I wonder, if the panties-through-the-tights phenomenon is actually the reincarnation of the undergarment brandishing of old?

and either way I don’t want to make a judgement call. I’m unwillingly somewhat of a pervert, and any chance to spot a girls knickers is a moment I will cherish forever. and so the debate continues…


the collapse of society?

are tights pants?


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I felt very sorry for the woman who was walking to uni in front of me today. How could her friends not tell her that her tights are not pants and that when you wear tights as pants, everyone can see your knickers?

The real question is, should I have told her? What is the bigger faux par, to be showing all of uni your knickers, or for me to walk up to a stranger and tell her that all of uni can see her knickers, because tights are not pants?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Comment by Sarah

we need to run through possible scenarios of what may have happened if you did tell her..

maybe she would have been offended that you had obviously been looking at her general ass area..

and also, if you had told her, what could she have done about it?

sometimes I dream that I am in public places in the nude.. it’s uncomfortable and in that situation someone telling me that I was in fact nude may have made me unhappier anyway..

Comment by ophalm

Tights are not pants.

Vibrate setting on phone is louder than a beep.

talking in whisper, is so much more annoying than speaking at normal volume.

Comment by Gentle Annie

This is also a question i find myself frequently pondering. However i must concede if the intention is to gain attention from the male gender it really does seem to work. Whether it be for good or bad reasons i often find myself giving more attention to this tights-as-a-substitute-for-pants wearing woman. So strange

Comment by rogueview

Oh and on a barely related topic. Anyone else ever wondered what is the hero of pant suspension, is it the belt that holds the pants up, or the belt loops that hold the belt up? or is it a combination of the two, or am i completely insane and need to spend more time on productive uni work…probably the latter

Comment by rogueview

No no, this is not insane, these are the questions that need to be answered, the questions the average person dare not ask.

I think that the belt loops are the unsung heroes of pants. A belt is nothing without the loops. A pair of pants without the belt loops is a waste of all of our time.

Comment by Sarah

Also, try asking that washing machine a few posts up, they seem to have all the answers.

Comment by Sarah

what? washing machine?

Comment by ophalm

also, evidentally this is the best, most successful post ever according to the new voting system. typical

Comment by ophalm

not only are they wearing tights as pants, but a new plague comes… JEGGINGS. jean-leggings? what the fuck.

Comment by B

do jeggings offend your eyes? I thought something was up the first time I saw them, not knowing of them of course, the jeans just seemed too tight and too fitting.. and see through when stretched over thighs

Comment by ophalm

I have not encountered jeggings before. Seem interesting though. I must investigate. Oh and yes the belt loops are heroic indeed but they are also nothing without the belt.. I guess its a circular question but still.

Comment by rogueview

I bought some tights the other day & I’m wearing them tonight, but not as pants, as fucking tights under a skirt. All you crazy women out there better take note.

Comment by Sarah

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