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are cats ethical? by ophalm
August 2, 2009, 1:17 pm
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sometimes I wonder, if the existence of cats is ethical. should cats exist?


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I dont see how people like cats ay. I mean they just taste so terrible.

Comment by machinegunjoe

Possibly cats exist just to prove how much better everything else is? Or at least than domestic cats.

Comment by rogueview


Comment by ophalm

The domestication of cats sometimes isn’t ethical. Such as the breeding of cats for desired traits (short legs etc…) that have serious health issues either related to the desire trait (worn joints) or not (respiratory issues etc..).

Some cats seriously suffer so they’re owners have the novelty of a short legged cat.

Comment by DICKMAN

well I agree the specific breeding of fucked up cats isn’t ethical, but domestication full stop? not quite sure about that, have to think it over. I know little about wild cats that are not descended from domestic cats, do they exist any more? or are all wild cats these days descendants of domestic cats

Comment by ophalm

Sorry about the spelling mistake in the previous post.

Maybe not domestication full stop…

Wild cats definately exist, though the only ones I know of and have seen are descended from domesticated cats.

Its interesting seeing them in the wild; they all look grey and mildly mottled and have no spots or stripes, and they are massive. This is presumably a product of natural selection.

Comment by DICKMAN

You realise there is also the big Tigers and Leopards and Pumas and what not right? they are cats that i actually think are cool. But yeah there used to be a small gathering of 17 cats belonging to my neighbors, they looked like the ones Dickman is describing though

Comment by rogueview

the problem is, is that cats do, infact, exist

Comment by ophalm

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