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Survival of the fittest? by machinegunjoe
June 3, 2009, 11:58 pm
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Street smart students?

It seems there is fierce competition in the streets of Dunedin for the Darwin Award* of “least likely to cross the same street twice”.

There seems to be a fad among students for seeing an approaching car and walking out in front of it.

Now I’m not just talking about the usual morning rush of kids pouring out of the halls and trying to make their 9 o’clock lectures, running across castle street at any hour day or night is practically expected. No, I’m talking about the students walking (or staggering as the case may be) around in the CBD. Some of these eager contestants seem to have adopted the theory of “nah, they’ll stop for me”.

Several weeks ago happened to be riding around in town on a Friday night. Now the motorbike I was riding is not the quietest vehicle on the road, indeed I’ve heard rumours it can be heard several blocks away as it accelerates down the road. So what puzzles me is why pedestrians insist in wondering across the road paying no regard to the exhaust note of what is obviously a machine travelling at pace. One girl who seem quite unconcerned about the whole “look left, right then left again” thing decided to meander across the road, even going so far as to stop in the lane to yell something at me as I used the horn to let her know what MY thoughts where.

So the questions I must ask are;

– Are students brains swimming in so much alcohol they fail to think of road safety while on the town?

Or are they just stupid to start with?

– Which in turn begs the next question, what on earth are they doing at university?

Am I just being unfair and picking on the few repeat offenders who like a bit of dodgems to get the adrenaline flowing? No I think not, the problem is just down to the fact that most of the students just dont really give a rats arse and so far have had no reason to stop doing what they have been.

Just makes things all the more fun for drivers about the city. I just hope that one of the dear wee things doesnt get hurt before they wise up.

*For those of you who dont know what the Darwin Awards are go to http://www.darwinawards.com. Its all about taking oneself out of the gene pool by acts of stupidity. A good pick-up read if your having one of those clumsy days and feeling stink about it.


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Informative and innovative, a real tour de force.

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