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critic cavern 02/06/09 by ophalm
June 2, 2009, 4:07 pm
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why has this critic been released this week. in my opinion, this is the most worthwhile critic yet. but this week, no-one reads anything but lecture notes from their smart friends and past exam papers (if they’re available, dammit)

I am exaggerating somewhat. it’s not that great, but there are two articles in there that I read and think everyone should read. which is why it’s terrible it’s been released now and not when people are carefree

well this is certainly educational. I’m not totally stupid and I know things about the world that aren’t included in my prescribed course, so not all of this is new concept to me; but it’s still very learnful. it raises some good issues, but I do have a question.
not that I support duopolies but with the supermarket situation, do we or do we not get cheaper groceries than if we have lots of small competeting markets? I guess we might at the moment, but maybe not in future.. anyway, that’s about the only good thing I see coming from the destruction of competition. what can be done about it though?
the main issue about the lack of competition allowed on campus though – that does cause a lot of offence. I never really considered it that much, but now that I think about it; damn I just want to stab the union in the balls with a hammer
will this change the way the stupid general student population shops? you’re damn right it won’t; because the majority of students don’t have a clue and don’t give a fuck. I’m “impressed” with the way the “big corporations” have instilled such a plethora of apathy into the current generation

bottled urine would be sterile
the article on bottled water is pretty damn good. I have purchased a couple of times, but not in over a year anyway, I always preferred to pay for flavour you see. but this article raises some excellent points and I hope now people will change their ways. they won’t however – see I have no faith in humanity, and it’s only a matter of time before you don’t either.

get back to study damn, I really should.


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