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critic cavern 12/05/09 by ophalm
May 13, 2009, 1:29 pm
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what do we have here?

I’ve actually read most of this one. even the parts I never read. why? I’ve spent a fair amount of time on the toilet lately and there is only one I will accept doing while taking a shit – and that is reading critic

because that’s the only time the smell of critic doesn’t overpower my senses

so consequently I’ve learned a few things. and other parts of my mind have been damaged. does it balance out? with critic you always run at a net loss, ask any economics student.

shitty advice about colds
well not all the advice is shitty, but it is confusing and inconsistent. tell me critic, should we listen to modern medicine or our superstitious mothers, because you don’t seem to know. and tell me how buying aspirin or ibuprofen doesn’t give money to pharmaceutical companies? instead of buying PanadolĀ© just go to the supermarket and buy generic paracetamol.
and while they briefly mention keeping your fluids in at the start, it wasn’t amongst the bullet pointed list of things to do.. it should be number fucking one. fluids, rest and don’t booze, and eat vegetables.. maybe smoke some weed to feel better

actually I can’t be fucked doing anymore of this. despite reading the whole thing, this shit just takes too much time. keep on truckin’


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i never read it.. but yeah i don’t want a cold should i read their advice or listen to yours

Comment by raincoat-h8r

mine of course

Comment by ophalm

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