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Poemism for you! by strangelyanonymous
May 4, 2009, 10:59 am
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posted by strangely anonymous

Here is a poem I wrote along time ago.

Rising Bile

The woman sitting behind me
Is convinced the computer can hear her
She verbally questions it on why it won’t do what she wants
As if the machine has something to do with her
I might say something to her
If I wasn’t so sure that I would undoubtedly wind up on the receiving end
Of some rant about stress and deadlines
Doesn’t she realise
That none of the other seven people in the north CAL Lab
Would be here if they weren’t under academic pressure also?
At midnight on Tuesday
The crazy german techno gibberish
Hissing out her headphones
Must deafen her
From the angry glares of surrounding students
How sweet it would be to yell and yell and yell
Telling her about my internal assessment
My lack of sleep
My malnourished form straining away at keyboards
Like some slave at the oars
Of his own fear of failure-
But I keep quiet

I hope the computer never does what she wants



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is that really poem or just a desperate cry for attention?

Comment by ophalm

“All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling” – Oscar Wilde

Comment by Anonymous

not only was oscar wise, but he was gay

Comment by ophalm

i like this poem. Beats anything critic can produce 😉


Comment by criticalwat

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