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The End! by criticalwat
May 3, 2009, 2:48 pm
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posted by criticalwat

So between Y2K, Nukes,SARS, The Axis of Evil, Grey Goo, Bird Flu and The Recession (or the Failure Of Capitalism Leading To Glorious Revolution,depending on your political ideology) has the world ended yet?

No? Though apparently Swine Flu is going to finish us all off now which is all well and good because I’m getting sick of having to run to the hills every few months.


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We’re all fucked.
Everyday, We’re all fucked.

Comment by Anonymous

god is dead. china killed him with lead paint

Comment by criticalwat

Next weeks threat:
Super volcano, on a meteorite thats been hijacked by terrorists, on P.

Comment by Anonymous

I myself look forward to these forthcoming exciting times

Comment by ophalm

as a serious note..

it’s insane just how paranoid people are about the swine flu. people need some perspective. I mean, sure it’s going towards pandemic, but what does that mean? well aids is a pandemic, who out there is terrified of aids? sure flu is not sexually transmitted but maybe it shines a light

and how many people die of the regular flu in the US alone every year? 30,000. that’s ~98 a day, but noone gives a fuck about the normal flu, in fact people don’t even know much about it considering people call a common cold a “flu”

maybe it increases sales of tamiflu though.. suckers.

just eat better and get fit and stop being such sheep!

Comment by ophalm

I wonder what people living in places where people still routinely die of malaria and what have you think of this hubbub about swine flu?

Comment by criticalwat

probably the same thing they think about all of our western excess and fear of death – that we’re pathetic. I wonder what starving children think when they here that people in the west die of obesity. it’s probably similar to what it’s like to watch “my super sweet 16”, you just look at amazement at how much those people have than we do, and can’t believe how they waste it

Comment by ophalm

I think starving childern and the people under the threat of malaria may not even have a TV, radio or the knowledge of bloging? but the nukes, SARS, The Axis of Evil and now the swine flu have one possible common them with the recession. All allow the world govts (USA, WHO, UN, WB and WTO and their members) to gain more power and control against the freedoms of people. And I hope it is not the end of capitalism, which should not be centralized and get taken over by the internationalists, but the end of the crony capitalism of the US dollar which have cartelized and centralized many of the capitals and assets of the world beyond what ought to be naturally. Damn the Federal Reserve printer of US dollars creating trillions of dollars and dislocating wealth were it should to be and creating recessions and depressions without us knowing, or the people under malaria and TB..etc

Comment by economicus111

are you a full on laissez-faire capitalist economicus111? or more of a mixed economy style capitalist. I’m close to a socialist than anything, but being more or less uneducated in economics I can only back seat commentate

Comment by ophalm

I am laissez-faire, but a little bit socialist. I believe in freedom and justice as prescribed by the conventional wisdom of consensus of science, history and religion . In a nut shell: Private ownership is not in everything and therefore even the govt should not and cannot own or control the air, water, salt or private liberty beyond the duties of the police and court systems..etc. I believe in public ownership (maybe a socialist idea) of natural resources, except real estate so I also think every one must have the right to full ownership of stuff.

Comment by economicus111

@economicus111 I can kind of see from where you are coming from with the private liberty bit (your rights end where my nose begins?) but how much government interference is needed to preserve social justice? I mean its obvious that inefficiency and government power mongering will appear under our current system but how much are you willing to take them out of the equation?

Comment by criticalwat

this may or may not be directly related, but it seems to me that in general, prohibition of anything doesn’t stop the desire for it. and harsher policing doesn’t necessarily make a safer society.
the change needs to start in education. encouraging people to be “better citizens” and not just giving them jail related reasons not too

Comment by ophalm

I am willing to take govt out of every equation except justice and peace (law and order). And this, in my opinion, should be no pretense to centrally control the nation’s universe. Examples, the govt should not tax people to build a mall since the people and private beings will build it if they want a mall and there are people that are poor and not welling to spend their money on a stadium. another example, the govt has the right to send police in the streets to protect the shops and malls form thefts. I am for a limited govt that is there to protect our private properties and liberty a not to centrally control every thing we do. I want to see freedoms and peace.
Economically speaking the govt cannot enhance the nation economy because the govt officials have no interest in making the govt projects work, they just want a pay rise usually the easy way by taxing people an running more projects. While the private people owning shops and businesses in a decentralized economy will work hard and want success for the projects because this is the only way they can get a pay rise. Moreover, the competition in a free market will increase productivity, efficiency and diversity. This concept of free market made the west they way it is today and we must preserve it by kicking the govt out of the private businesses of people and confine the govt to the police and courts.

Comment by economicus111

But when the free market runs totally free, well isn’t that what sort of caused the economic crisis that we’re in right now? The banks and the corporations were free to do what they want, no-one stepped in and said it’s wrong to loan like this etc etc..

The countries around the world with the highest amounts of happiness are those who are taxed highly but have a high level of public ownership, like in northern europe etc. The free market doesn’t do a very good job of equalising wealth

Also, the law is an issue for me, who decides what is legal and illegal?

Comment by ophalm

Northern euro has a high level of private ownership as well as public. The private wealth is much higher than the public. From my readings I agree, public ownership of basic amenities can be of great value as long as it is not exclusive to allow for efficiency and diversity as well as easy public access. I am not with you when you say the free market caused the recession and the loans. I believe the current biggest piece of misinformation being perpetuated today is that freedom and the freedom to economic activity (free market) is evil. The cash for the loans came from the govt (the fed reserve). Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were created by the fed resereve to create the loans. This is not good because the freedom ends short of robbery and fraud in all economic activities. The fed made it is ok to devalue my pay and savings by inflation so the cronies bankesters gamble and enjoy life. So please blame the monetary system not the free market when it comes to recessions, depressions and inflation and the business cycle. Because the loans are create by fraud all what comes afterwords is bad stuff since what is created on a false pretense give bad outcomes .See: http://economicus111.wordpress.com/

the law to me is when someone attach or carry fruad on someone else or when someone cause a traffic jam or something like that, we need to police and the law to stop criminal activity not control what I do in my backyard to myself be it grow something to smoke, brew something to drink or build something to swim in. As long as no one complains or damage occur.

Comment by economicus111

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