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rodstone #00003 by dangercore
May 30, 2009, 2:00 pm
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May 29, 2009, 3:01 pm
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Blondes have more Fun by loisweathers
May 28, 2009, 3:43 pm
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poasted by lois weathers

So recently I have dyed my hair blonde. I would like to say I did so as an experiment that I could then base this amazing article on, but unfortunatly the main reason for the drastic dye was severe peer pressure from a friend of mine; thanks Van. And im going to share with you the exciting new things that happened to me as a blonde.


from this

First I would like you all to know I wasnt kinda blonde and just went a wee bit lighter, I had dark brown hair and its now like a white blonde. I just want to advise children not to do this at home, it burns like something really sore and ouchy and *@$#%^ mainly just pay the money and get a professional. But for those of you who are cheap and keen for a fun exciting bonding experiance with your bestest friend then might I suggest “myhd”, they sell it at that new life pharmacy in the new mall and you can use it several times to get rid of that nasty re-growth. Be sure to get a toner as well to make it actually blonde because the peroxide just turnes it white. Talk to the lady she’s very helpful.

to this

to this

But the question you brunetts are all asking me is “Is life truely greener on the other side”. And in my honest opinion, after the burny and the ouchy. . . ITS FUCKING AMAZING! DO IT DO IT NOW. Being blonde is amazing, people look at you like your automatically hot and good in bed. One week after I went blonde I was getting some (and not candy) from this really good looking guy that I had been working on (as a brunett) for quiet some time. No, actually not one week, NO OMG now that I remember, it was actually first time he saw me with blonde hair. Thats how well it worked!!


from this

People notice you when you walk down the street and to be honest Im pretty sure they’re all undressing me with their eyes. The other day a good looking guy bought me a drink and asked me to dance at this gig we were at. This shit never happened to me when I was a brunett!!! At the present I am testing if it is my personal reaction to myself as a blonde that is making me seem more attractive to the opposite sex (I feel better about myself so others are attracted to that), or if it is in fact just the blonde. I’ll keep you updated. And boys who read this could you post if blonde hair is really attractive or if it her “personality”.


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The main issue with the blonde is that im killing my hair follicles and am constantly paranoid my hair is going to fall out, and I know I wont be able to keep it up forever and will soon have to go back to the dull dull life of a brunett. But if you are brown or black haired and reading this.. Be happy with who you are, your beautiful no matter what I say and my words wont bring you down 😀


introducing rodstone by dangercore
May 27, 2009, 3:20 pm
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critic cavern 27/05/09 by ophalm
May 27, 2009, 2:33 pm
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has monday passed already? it easy to tell because the sweet effluent smell of critic arrives at our nostrils once again

only this time it has something to say that’s somewhat relevant. not that it’s not overshadowed as always by the reek of the majority of the publication, but still. give credit where credits due

students fail at democrazy
this is true. we students suck. I didn’t vote either. my excuse is that I didn’t know it was on, but this is a very poor excuse, as I read the critic last week and somewhere in my head I knew there was an election, but I just didn’t click and when I got home on thursday night I had an (unhelpful) email in my student email account reminding me to vote by 5pm (I think). it was later than then so I missed out. so I can’t blame anyone in particular, so I’ll blame everyone.
the idea of doing it online though: ¡el superior! because more people could vote and if the page was made in a reasonable fashion, you’d be able to read about the candidates, and imagine if they started a message board too so people could discuss the candidates and ask them question.
that’d be far too much like democracy should be like though…

stoners need to get an attitude adjustment
this article is pretty spot on. I mean, on some level I disagree with the general notion that people should have to live up to societies expectations, but upon further thought and realisation that stoners are trying to win said societies respect, it’s a worthwhile message.
maybe if they started to realise that stoners didn’t have to be wasters, something might change. so maybe they should stop drinking woodstock (I saw this happen earlier this year!) and wear nice clothes. invite some business men down, maybe peter chin. have some nibbles, some foie gras and impress the locals. the key my friends will be this

what else is there? I’m running this critic cavern without having opened the critic since yesterday morning. due to that, I don’t remember anything else. human lefts was interesting, they wrote the article about the stoners too. an evil rant about open source software is included somewhere and the cartoon about the mother on crack, well, I didn’t find it funny. I wonder what they think about that?

news watch 25/05/09 by ophalm
May 25, 2009, 6:00 am
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just before doing the recycling like the amazing citizen than I am, I realised I had not read – and consequently destroyed – the paper. either the star or d scene. I’d tackle the ODT but critic apparently has a (shitty) monopoly on that, and that would require spending funds on it. if you want to buy it for me, you’re welcome of course

buy from the rob roy dairy so they can afford to buy more ads please

apparently people like to urinate all up and down baldwin street, and in fact this guy here was caught defecating near the top. when questioned, he told the police he was trying to have a “turd race”.. wtf? seriously need more than one turd to have a race

and then this old guy complains about students getting killed! I mean, my heart goes out to the students who died here 8 years ago playing a wicked drunken stunt, but he is offended and not at all proud. if you didn’t want to be a life saver mate maybe you should have lived in a different house mate.

this old guy apparently is having something to do with getting in bands etc for the new stadium. but because it’s so ridiculously big, they can’t have anyone, only people like elton john.. elton john in dunedin? maybe, but look at what he said, rap and metal out of the question? you’ve lost me. you’ve lost me as a patron for good

this is from d scene. they go around on the weekend taking photos of drunks and ask them for quotes. but mainly, how terrible is their printing? I look at them and think “something is wrong, oh it’s shittily printed”. why is that acceptable?
take these two sluts for example
I only assume they are sluts due to their makeup, going so far as to put blue eyeliner in their eyes! well maybe, or perhaps d scene has terrible terrible printing presses, my god this is apalling
that said, they could be still be sluts..

and then there is this


compulsory face stretching

if I was making an ad to do with superficial physical appearance, I’d keep my basic proportions, in proportion

HIGH TIME FOR PIE TIME by strangelyanonymous
May 23, 2009, 6:02 pm
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Today I bought a ‘Scarfie Pie’ from the campus shop (you know, the one in the link that sold their soul to V energy drink). It cost $3.oo (much cheaper than the other pies) AND came with a can of PEPSI!

“You there!” I barked at the aging woman behand the till, “What mischief is this? Why is this pie so much cheaper than the others – despite being accompanied by a beverage?”.

“Because it is a lower quality pie”, came the answer, followed by an aging woman ‘look’ that informed me that the line of discussion was now closed. I paid the good woman for her wares and set about investigating this economical morsel. After much deliberation I decided that a dissection was in order. With much gusto I hurled the pie against a window then crouched over it like a shaman inspecting the entrails of a sacrificed chicken. As I gazed into the meaty detritus I fell into a trance, the kind of trance that can only come from the mystic knowledge of the ethereal pie masters – Those who exist between our world and next, channeling their energies through material focal points created by pies (and, to lesser extent, sausage rolls). As my eyes rolled and my vision blacked out I heard their godly whispers inside my skull. Some things I learned cannot be told for they were not meant for the senses of men. But what I can pass on from the divine magicians of meat and pastry prowess is this, take from it what you will: