otago massacre

canberra sluts by ophalm
April 13, 2009, 4:50 pm
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posted by ophalm

as you may already know I get told by wordpress.com what people have searched for if they’ve arrived at this site from a websearch. I’ve actually tried some of these searches to see how far down this site is but I only use google and don’t find it half the time. still they end up here with these phrases somehow, because you just can’t make this shit up

unsuprisingly “otago massacre” is the most common form, but other golden search phrases are:

tamrtime globus

i was in a local healthy/expensive type

scatsex porn

gangsta cartoon pics

canberrra sluts

c3po costume

sealed tube reactions

fack as

dog makes a shit

tween panties

and possibly the best search phrase of all time

tamrtime illuminati


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I take it that canberra sluts is a search term also?

Comment by Anonymous

yes! I meant to put it in the post – that would have made sense – but now all is well

Comment by ophalm

Tamrtime is interesting and the illuminati more interesting. But can they go together??

Noor bio, The producer of tamrtime, is another world saying illuminati Bio (or enlightened biologically). Being the Economicus Homo Agent, who I am, I looked deep into the socio-economic structure of tamrtime and came to see they are having some big problems going anywhere with a healthy product when retails can get better returns selling processed fat and sugar…so without Noor (illuminati) or enlightened people the product will no be welcomed by shop owners. But if the people demand it, tamrtime may be offered in more shops, but this needs an enlightened people wanting healthy foods over junk food. Still tamrtime illuminati is the best (and most hilarious) search phrase of all time :-)))

Comment by economicus111

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