otago massacre

news watch easter by ophalm
April 10, 2009, 10:09 pm
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it’s been a while. shit’s been going on but the two stars I just read were a bit of a gold mine really


don't slide into the black hole!

a loose definition of pride.. now I’m not one to bag old people. one day I might be old, but this is mind boggling. a chair that helps you up! wow can life ever cease to surprise me? only $1250 too which for any pensioner is a bargain beyond potatoes. at least she looks content, until it goes too far and murders her


someone other than the elderly are adopting technology – schools! maybe when my children get to school they’ll be learning about “science” and “maths” too


there is nothing that could make this better apart from maybe having granddad himself in the motorised scooter. maybe trying to do a jump of a curb after the child


now this is something I can get behind. I feel like the music industry is pretty fucked in all manners. is there a solution? maybe? it’s surely not the old system of cds and expensive music. what this guy is doing is in the right direction though. offering local music for a small cost and yeah – we need more of this


apparently mayor peter chin is being resurrected at this church this easter. since I’m slow on the posting it’s too late but at least you know it was happening

I just wanted to draw attention to how sad this is. this cat is called magnet and it’s been missing since january and they’ve paid money to get this long classified. sad times indeed


the gist of this article is that there are problems with alcohol, and that the problems stem not from alcohol or society, but from it’s availability. anyone who has a clue knows that limiting where alcohol is brought from and the times it’s available is going to have minimal impact, only the fringe bingers who decide to buy another 12 pack of coronas for $32 at the night and day are going to be stopped.
binge drinking is a culture in nz that’s not going to go away any time soon. I don’t think it’s a particularly heathly culture but it’s there and it’s not due to alcohols immediate availability.
it’s like these people feel a requirement from the public to “do something” about it, so they sit there and change some little things, probably to complain in the future that they “did all they could do” and that the problem still exists.
I don’t have a solution, but I know for sure this isn’t it


please dunedin love us again

it’s gotten serious all of a sudden hasn’t it? I just love this because f&p dump a whole lot of employees and move their workforce somewhere else, but then open a token store in the new shit mall and what are they hoping for? I hope dunedin boycotts this store (and the new mall) but knowing how retardedly consumer the general population is they’ll lap this shit up. it’s a sad age


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