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The Environment, we’re killing it/sex it would seem by loisweathers
April 3, 2009, 7:00 am
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poasted by lois weathers

So there seems to be a big issue lately about how we’re killing the world around us and how its not too good for our future and our kids future. Personally I have no kids so it doesn’t worry me too much, but I know some people with some kids and on interviewing one he said “I’d rather my child didn’t grow up in the future”. Big words for big opinions.


It seems to me we do a lot of things to try and help our environment out, but no-one seems to really care that much. As ophalm said in his piece Earth Hourailure we failed to put our lights out for a measly hour. This is truly sad, but even if we did manage to turn our lights out for that hour, what difference would it make? They would’ve been straight back on again the next night. And really do lights use that much power. In fact I’ll research it now…..
Boy did I find out some interesting shit just then, so get this; top result was “3.5% drop in power over Earth hour” I decided to research further and read this article from the ODT, I found it hilarious that to celebrate Earth Hour there were concerts held in Christchurch. Now is it just me or do concerts require a lot of electricity (aka power) to play the music? This kind of counteracts the turning off your power thing… See how smart we are!! But the second website was one about how much of our power is used on heat pumps and other heating devices . I think next year we should try turning off our lights and heaters/heat pumps and on top of that, maybe not hold any energy consuming concerts.

Now I’m going to share something personal with you all. I am doing a teaching degree and in that I learn what we are going to teach kids. They have this new thing right, you wouldn’t know about it. Its called ‘inquiry’ where they teach kids new and important things, they focus on one topic a term. And one of their topics is ‘Sustainability’.
They learn how to sustain our environment and what they can use instead of fossil fuels etc. Its almost as if we’re saying “Hey kids we fucked up so we’re relying on you to fix it, we know you’re only about 8, but any idea is a good idea, we’ve fucked it up so bad”
This is worrying as I’ve heard some of the kid’s ideas and they don’t seem to make too much sense. For example a boy I was talking to the other day told me that he could make a potato light….. I see where he’s coming from here and its a valid idea, but I don’t think we will ever have enough potatoes to power a city. And even if we did it wouldn’t be that bright, people would have eyesight problems due to the poor lighting, old people would die with their respirators failing, an entire generation of gen X-Box children would be dropped into reality cold turkey and it’s be more like what civilisation was like 100s of years ago *shudders*. Its a shame really as potatoes are an amazing vegetable, they really make a meal, a meal.


So what I’m trying to tell you is that I know it might be hard to care about your environment and at some times you might just want to throw some rubbish out the window, but unless you want to live in a city that smells like potatoes and is poorly lit then lets try and calm down on the overusage of our power. Oh by the way nothing in this page has anything to do with sex I just noticed that my last article mentioned sex and got more hits. Sorry I fooled you. LOL


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