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earth hourailure by ophalm
March 28, 2009, 11:17 pm
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well it’s earth hour currently. turn off your lights for one hour. dunedins on board but what does that mean? the street lights are still on and from my scientific study of looking out the window I see little others joining.


see this isn’t totally relevant because it’s a different city (canberra) from a different year but because the state of humanities’ terribleness is a constant I’m sure this works


so I applied fancy computer algorithms to both pictures to get a histogram and as you can see the difference is 4.355×10^-4 of sweet fuck all

so does no-one care? I guess it’s good that the idea highlights an issue -I’m not totally cynical- but I think having everyone turn off their lights, it’s just a bit weak really isn’t it?
maybe they could have a ‘no drive a car day’. that would actually be worthwhile, and it would be something easy for me to achieve too, because the one thing the organisers of the event have forgotten, is that society will never do anything that requires any form of sacrifice or effort


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I turned my lights off, and got all my flatmates to as well lol

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