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recession on wall street by ophalm
March 27, 2009, 5:50 pm
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posted by ophalm


it's so shiny!

what do we have here? apparently someone didn’t get the message that the world’s economy has turned to ass and they’ve decided to build a new mall. in dunedin. and name it after a street that houses most of the banks that shat directly into our faces


wall street on george street

being the kind of person I am, I’m actually offended by this mall. not because of anything in particular but because of everything in particular. I hate malls. I’m from christchurch which is like the land of milk, honey and malls. and in the process of building the malls they tore down the milk and honey so now it’s just malls. I can think of 5 large malls in christchurch which all have identical stores and in have turned the centre of town (through drawing people away from it) from something once unique to a cesspit of boy racers and.. well there’s nothing worse than boy racers

and this is what malls do. they have the same shit as every other mall so that people can spend their money in the same way at a number of different geographic locations and look the same as others.


and I think this mall must have been built on some ancient indian/aboriginal/african/rasta burial ground because they had this guy “patrolling” the mall, or maybe he was the attraction? when he saw me take a picture of him he smiled and didn’t try to stab me so he’s being paid well enough evidently


the mall is not finished. it’s open to the public and no-one has died yet but they are desperate for your dollars so here you go. it’s still a mall. it’s still terrible and hopefully unsafe. you know it’s kind of like a european dance club, minus the strippers – which in this case would have been the only redeeming feature


they have a light show. this non-moving image doesn’t show it but those lights change colour. what a great use of the cities electricity. right above bras n things. I wonder what they sell in bras and things? cats? I guess at the very least this mall might give us some sexy underwear. underwear tainted with mall


and then there is this. life pharmacy. I’m tempted for my life’s goal to be to bring down the life pharmacy corporation. I’m calling a boycott of the place. just look at it.
I have on 1st/2nd hand knowledge that this place wants your money more than they want you well. “sometimes you need to decide between selling up, or giving the customer the best medicine for them”.. I’m glad profits come before people’s health..

all in all this new mall is nothing but a mall. right now it looks new but in 10 years time it’ll look like the meridian. and people will want a new mall. but malls are the bane of a human’s existence. they destroy community, originality and fun. they attract the worst kind of people possible and they give us nothing.
yet people want them! I talked to some older woman once who were lamenting about this new mall “oh it’ll be great” etc etc and I told them of the legend of how the malls in christchurch destroyed the unique inner city and asked if they were saying that they were willing to sacrifice uniqueness for convenience and when put in those words they said “I.. guess so”.
ultimately the sad point here is that the mall is just a response to the retarded population’s desire to spend money without thinking. I will make it my life’s goal to not spend a cent in there. and bring down life pharmacy. I have a few life goals.


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Comment by dangercore

you can get your syrup fix anywhere – life pharmacy is just a terrible chain of stores and it’s what they stand for that I can’t hate

Comment by ophalm

Well were to start……
Im a girl so yea I wanted a mall, I was living in the hope that dunedin would one day be the not retarded brother of its awesome big brother christchurch. I dont know what inner bullshit christchurch had before the malls but the only reason people go to christchurch is for the malls (and maybe to visit their girlfriend, but thats another story… cunt) But anyway, after the opening of the mall (and yes I went on the first day) it became very obvious that dunedin is the not only retarded but completely socially inept brother of chirstchurch. What the fuck dunedin, a staircase that leads to nowhere! (yea I walked up it, so did everyone elso okay!) and One fucking floor!! Its disgusting, so what if its shiny there are only 2 stores for me to spend my hard earned (govt given) money!!! Dont even go, its the biggest dissapointment ever.

Comment by Lois Weathers

my friend just pointed something out to me the other day. There are now 3 vodafone stores all within 5 minutes walking distance of each other. I mean what the fuck people?

Comment by criticalwat

woah lois you’re all over the show there – so is it good or not?

I think the thing is, is that people don’t realise a) how shitty malls really are and b) what they are giving up to have them

Comment by ophalm

criticalwat – vodafone is a terrible entity (not that telecom is much better) and they exemplify almost everything I hate about the current state of “cool” consumerism.
and it’s sick how much people end up paying them for the “privilege” of being a vodafone consumer. maybe if they spent less money on advertising and having three fucking shops close to each other they’d be affordable and wouldn’t repulse me with their advertising campaigns that try so hard to speak to me but miss the mark so horribly

Comment by ophalm

Did I do it right?

Comment by Lois Weathers

Thats probably why they picked up the iPhone..I’d imagine a “cooler then thou” overpriced (seriously overpriced..have a read of this http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=iphone ) piece of crap would be right up vodafones alley

Comment by criticalwat

Oh I totally did! And my final comment was dont go to the mall, I was all for it before I realised how shit it came out. Kinda like when a mix racial couple have kids, it can either look really cute or fucking ugly. This mall was the fucking ugly kid

Comment by Lois Weathers

OMG I like love the mall, its so like new n cool. Me n all ma friends went der the otha day and jst like hung. levis is so in.

Comment by Sexybitch2000


Comment by dangercore

hahahaha well we could like organise a day if ya wana

Comment by Sexybitch2000


Comment by dangercore

She wont meet you at the mall Dangercore, she’ll say she’ll meet up with you, but unless you buy her things your nothing to her.

Comment by Lois Weathers


Comment by dangercore

To mall or not to mall? Always not to mall is the naswer.
It is always fun, as i understand Lois Weathers and others are trying to say, to shop. Being in the market exchanging electronic signles and/or paper money with stuff is why we work and save in the first place. So long lived the market to get our money spended. But the market and wall street are two different things.

Wall street is a corporate/governmnet establishment build to steal public money and give it to private cronies. Think about it. Shoes, cloths and elctronics cost next to nothing to make in china, and even here if we have the right to make them, but no you pay top dollars for shitty stuff at wall street plus GST… I love to shop at the local market and buy from mobile traders and locals as much as possible. this is what we used to have before malls and where price is best and quality is high… real things in the real free market outside govt/corp. control. I freed myself from the malls to the free markets of local shops and mobile traders in small suburbs and twons and would like more of this in Dunedin

Comment by Economicus

The fact they will also build a stadium is just more of the same, aye. They tax us or force us to borrowing more money from banks and sometimes print more money and give it to banks and big corps and create inflation. Today millions, billions and trillions of paper money is create. Paper money used to dislocate means of production from the market place to the activities that are today increasingly not related to health, education or basic publc amenities. They are building malls, private sporting business, and other stuff with our taxes and by inflation and afterthat charge us for everything we do, including our CO2 that we breath out. They seems to want to tax our souls and breath. It is about power and control and they play the game well as they use science and technology, plus human pysch.

anyhow, economics states that govt cannot stimulate the economy, but only like drugs cause a short-fix. The outcome is always wealth disolcation and poverty.

good luck… ha

but from time to time the herd r lean and the university is a great place for that so we need to protect it.

Comment by Economicus


I generally agree. it seems generally fucked to me that the economy requires growth to even work, can’t there be a way of the economy being success without requiring it to always be growing at a environmentally hazardous rate?

Comment by ophalm

The way is justice and fairness in the financial system and not paper money and wealth dislocation by a printing machine. Because we need stable prices or even lower prices (for houses, food and everything) so we can all have a house and eat!

The govt made of politicians that represent their supports. The supporters are big companies like the ones John Key gave money to keep their factories running with our taxes claiming employment help, hah. so what about the small guys and the 80% plus self-emplyeed farmers and the real backbone of the economy that only get wealth dislocation and inflation and taxes. The govt work as an agent for big money and want to sell us (the nation) for the faster printer and get international bankers to control us by debt (so the politician gets a pay rise). we, the masses, get impoverish unwittingly and end up living ourlives in oblivious because the great corporate mass media, sporting industry, bars and drugs to be dumbed down furthur and go to the malls and spend our last coins. yes, yes I am making it sound exterme but think about it and you will see the recession is not because the cows are giving less milk or the chicken laying less eggs, is because of the international bankers and printing of money, no doubt.

Comment by Economicus

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