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critic cavern 25/03/09 by ophalm
March 25, 2009, 10:06 pm
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first off, apologies to those of you who wait desperately for critic cavern every week. I know you lack the ability to read it and deride it yourselves and require an online authority to do it for you -me. it didn’t happen. I wanted to but was too damn busy. life’s a bit hard sometimes.

on to this weeks critic.
I have to hand it to them, this cover rules. if only this website could be so ecstatically bling. it’s like the good kind of bling, not the rapper gold rubbish.

but this cover proves one thing alone – you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter because as soon as you open it and pass the boring ass contents and editorial that no-one reads you get the “juicy” column.


well they’ve thrown me into a jumble by swapping the order of slop/endorse around but right here what do we have. hot or not based on fucking tv. television is ass, people, learn this now; but seriously critic, there must be better things to talk about than tv in a gossip section? are you even trying?

well, there was something better evidently
they’ve partially redeemed themselves with a little survey on drugs.

apparently young people in this country have taken drugs proving once again that prohibition is a success and should be continued.

the article on MDMA isn’t bad actually, it’s pretty neutral, but if there is one thing that fucks me off about drug taking culture is the people that take drugs but think they should be illegal

see they interview three people I think who have taken the drug. xavier likes it, and thinks it should be legal, that’s fine, he’s consistent. but aidan, who has taken it ~8 times and said he’d take it “only at certain international DJs” obviously isn’t against MDMA. but he doesn’t think it should be legal.
the reason this pisses me off so much is his obvious “above others” attitude. it’s like he’s saying that he can handle it, but doesn’t think the general public can. what a shaft guzzler.

my attitude is that drugs should be a health issue, not a legislative issue. regardless of any drugs illegality people still use them and all it does it prop up an underground and a black market. not that jim anderton cares..

then once again after you get past those few things the magazine grinds to a boring ass “informative” halt. our esteemed leader edwin darlow wrote half a page. something about the stadium. it appears he’s against it so all good. I voted for him but maybe should I have voted for muhammed? but yeah, his column, like the rest go largely unread and then the media critics get skipped after I see I disagree with their ratings on 95% of the stuff I have experienced and then theres the shitty cartoons. this week is even worse than usual.

I mean, it’s not like we’re producing better shit here, but you don’t pay for this. you pay for critic! probably a lot. infact, it’d be a mission to find out just how much it does cost per issue..

you know, if someone actually does read those other articles, and has “constructive criticism” – please, be a productive member of society


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Of course, the data from the drugs survey is 5 years old and the face of New Zealand drug culture has changed dramatically in that time. The rise and subsequent banning of BZP last year will have undoubtedly given rise to a new breed of youngsters seeking something other than the ubiquitous weed and alcohol.
I would have also would have thought that Methamphetamine would feature in their survey. I find it hard to believe that it is less used than cocaine or heroin. If it is, I will have to have a serious chat with the media-types about their coverage of ‘P’. I know that they like to be kept in line regarding unbiased reporting.

Comment by strangelyanonymous

it is pretty sad that despite the data being so old, it’s only been released this month. at least they included alcohol as a drug – most people would be shocked to consider it as one

and what’s disappointing is the surveys lack of opinion of enjoyment from said drugs.

Comment by ophalm

well doing some “research” I found out how much we pay for critic – nothing, it makes a profite. that’s not controversial..

Comment by ophalm

I think you should have voted for Muhammed because he understand his shit and try to change the university to the better. Edwin was every man at every corner and this is why he managed more votes but beer and laptops were also allegedly used in mobile parties at halls and flats.

I hope someone like Muhammed will run again and free us from corporate control. Some of his ideas, I thought, we great.

Comment by Economicus

You might be right, but first off people need to be convinced that’s what they need

Comment by ophalm

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