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it’s no longer tamrtime by ophalm
March 24, 2009, 9:50 pm
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I see that in an effort to steal hits away from my site to his, MC tmartime has created his own blog on wordpress http://tamrtime.wordpress.com/ and has somehow taken the search engine crown

This blog is for Tamrtime, the most delicious and nutritious natural food on the planet. Here you can share stories about Tamrtime.

I take my hat off to you. it’s a sad day for me but my tears will be used in the next batch of tamrtime globus and then the world can begin spinning again


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I once had tamrtime laced with PCP and then ate a couch.

Thats my tamrtime story.

Comment by Anonymous

Its so nutritious you’d think it was made by the illuminati or Ron Paul or something…

Comment by Anonymous

Nothing that nutritious could possibly contain real food

did you have to pay extra for the PCP globus?

Comment by ophalm

No I didn’t.

Its laced at random. Its a marketing strategy I guess. A globus fuelled murder-suicide is bad publicity, but its still publicity.

A step from “real food” for sure.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by dangercore

Delicious and addictive really, simple and easy to make: just spread some blue cheese and tamrtime on a toast and make a cheesy sweet sandwich…yum

I think this will be my lunch box idea for a while.. “-)

Comment by Ali Alister

Cheesy sweet sandwich…does sound delicious, might try one after I eat this 9mm hollow point.

Comment by strangelyanonymous

It also make you full in less than 5 mins. Nutritious I guess…

Comment by Economicus

I don’t know how nutritious it is to get addicted to blue cheese, unless you consider arterial plaques as something that require nuturing

Comment by ophalm

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