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tales from the pit of despair III by criticalwat
March 24, 2009, 10:08 pm
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posted by criticalwat aka PostCount++ (hello tn)

A call to [crap out] write terrible fiction!

Today I thought I’d be lazy and instead of thinking up a new idea I’ll just adapt one I’ve been fiddling around with in my head for terrible fiction.

Tuesday Night (Lab)

The scientist looked at the subject in the sensory deprivation chamber and was pleased. It was evident after all of the initial testing that he was well chosen. He put up very little resistance to the drugs and the power of suggestion in the early testing and unlike last weeks subject still had a body temperature of roughly 38 degrees and a functioning brain.

It also appears that he has fully immersed himself in the ideal dream like state where our diligent researcher can examine the more…creative ways of breaking a person.

Wednesday Morning (Mind)

I woke up. It appears that my vision has gone back to normal and I am no longer immersed in the hellish colours of before and my hearing seems like it was before? Before what.. Surely there must of been a time before Monday when I started renting this room  and where I learnt to reason as I do but I cannot for the life of me remember anything before then.

Maybe I’m sick. Yes I am sick and that’s why yesterday I couldn’t hear where sounds were coming from properly and why I couldn’t see the right colours for the right objects.

It is decided then, I am sick. I will spend my day indoors and in bed where nothing will possibly go wrong. I pull the covers of my head and just before I am about to sleep I hear someone say “But if we inject more drugs we might”.

I awake with a start with the words DO IT ringing in my ears. I get out of the bed and go to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and see this is not my face I am looking at.The red mist comes over me and I punch the glass.

I don’t see blood but instead my whole world suddenly goes black and yet I feel more real somehow. Like this is what reality is and that other world was just a fake..I remember being brought to the place I am now.. I did not purchase this room! I was dragged here most of the way from what I remember on Saturday night during my brief bouts of wakefulness. Yes! I remember what actual colour looks like! Its all coming back to me now!

I can’t see or hear like I could in the other world but what little I can feel of my left arm suddenly went numb and my last thought is that it doesn’t matter anyway. This is the end

Wednesday Morning (Lab)

“Fucking hell thats the 5th one we’ve gone through!”


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