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campus watch declares “war on students” by ophalm
March 16, 2009, 6:00 am
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after one too many “fuck you campus watch” like statements, campus watch have decided that their presence has been ignored for long enough and they are declaring a “war on students”

ak47s on campus?

put down your lunch you pot smoking hippies

it’s not clear yet what their offensive will consist of – but be rest assured – they will still not have the power to arrest you. but will they molest you? maybe not as too many have already been molested and now they are watched too closely for them to risk it. people say that no good can come from molestation but in this case the rule is proved wrong

“They are all good kids.” claims campus watcher in the ODT. what is this two faced approach to the students? I get the impression it’s more of a grooming style attempt to lure children into their “cave” ala hansel and gretal. only in this story it’s not as sick as a grandmother trying to fry children – it’s worse.

campus watch gets a bad rap sometimes. is it deserved? is it due to their hate filled attitudes towards student activities? is it bitterness caused undoubtedly because they themselves didn’t go to university and they have to watch everyone else improve themselves?
these are all things that contribute towards the students opinion of campus watch and our opinion of them is all the matters really. the dean of the university likes to think what he thinks counts, but, um, no..

eitherway none of this is going to make campus watch any more relevant by trying to appeal to the “war on X” movement of late. apparently they help people get across campus safely at night time and some other noble activities, but the recent two faced war on students is likely to drive the public’s opinion of campus watch from “better than jason gunn” to “worse than jason gunn”


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