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study gets you down, p gets you up by ophalm
March 15, 2009, 9:26 pm
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not at all surprisingly, but more and more people use P!

I saw on the news tonight (normally I don’t watch the news but alas, I did) that a ridiculous amount of psuedoephedrine is being imported into the country and being made into methamphetamine. apparently something like 5 times the amount the seize actually gets in undetected anyway,

what I want to know though, is this a problem?

everyone knows that in this day and age study via natural means is a method designed to fail. the law system in this country has tried to keep delicious crystal meth out of our lungs and on the illegal drug list but this is failing. not that it should be illegal anyway (how the fuck is it’s illegality helping the situation?) but it is. and students love it.

healing crystals

healing crystals


I hear it’s a bit of an underground “problem” but in reality most students are actually ice heads and will suck you cock just for another hit. how they hide this is unknown but it’s fact. it’s a shame I left my evidence in my other pants


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