otago massacre

news watch 14/03/09 by ophalm
March 14, 2009, 4:00 pm
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one article is all I need

it’s not even an article, it’s an ad for boner medicine


check this shit out. it’s called MegaV and I’m sorry this ad is from a christchurch newspaper but this is psuedoscience at it’s best. each capsule contains “Tongkat Ali, Panaz Ginseng, Cordyseps and Horny Goatweed”. These are all ancient chinese medicine, which if you know anything about medicine, you’ll know it’s not actually medicine but correlated compounds passed down through history. appeal to tradition fallacy anyone?


it’s been formulated by this dude, professor sun zaiming


I bet he uses his “fishing rod” on her

“it’s the way these herbs are blended [by a large industrial processor – ophalm] that makes the difference. … a unique and highly specialised method of processing the component herbs to make the most of their potential”

so basically this stuff is bullshit. it’s possible that you might get rock hard from these magical placebo pills but that’s because placebo is a real effect – and maybe because some of those plants may have some hardening components but that’s beside the point..


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