otago massacre

An incitement to [violence] celebrate otago’s unique “culture” by criticalwat
March 14, 2009, 11:50 pm
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posted by criticalwat

Welcome freshers to Otago University! It has been a good year so far, the giant bucket of piss was a pleasant change to the usual eggings that will happen throughout the year (you will I hope, be expected by your 2nd year mentors as well as your peers to keep this behavior up).
However I know it’s early days yet, but there is a lot of pressure on you this year coming not only from those of us in the peanut gallery, but also from a couple of little known pieces of old media such as “Critic” and the “ODT”. thanks to us being spoiled for entertainment from 2007’s wonderful display of savagery known as the Undie 500 and last years respectful follow up, the unofficial 2008 mini riot.

However I see bright things in your future as it takes a rare group of people/commerce students to lug buckets full of urine and from what I’ve heard “fecal matter” around and to use it to willfully vandalize other peoples private property.

I can only hope that you manage to keep this up throughout the year as it is most entertaining. If you need any inspiration, I’d like to remind you that 2007’s little bit of a kerfuffle (for those of you who may have come to New Zealand only recently and haven’t heard of the Undie 500 yet you might want to have a read of this much more interesting article) did over $12,000 in damages to emergency equipment alone!

Have fun out there! Unless it negatively affects me in any way in which case please cease having fun and go vomit blood somewhere else. Cheers.


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