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student life lounge by ophalm
March 12, 2009, 4:31 pm
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has anyone ever been to this?


every week they hold a lounge where you can visit and hear an uplifting message. I personally haven’t been, I almost did last year, when I was lured into something unawares by the promise of free popcorn, but it was too hard to find and I think I realised it was a student life event near the end of my search. I know of a lot of people who went when they had their cannabis special, and apparently it was one sided!

I love the cultural relevance of student life. can someone who has been please tell me more about it? I’m not willing to partake in it myself unless there is another cannabis debate.


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way must be cannabis? I have been last year or 2007 once and did not like it because it was one sided and to idological for a free mind. But what I really don’t like the most is that the guys there did not want me to talk with other poeple about my ideas and thoughts and wanted me to conform with their ways. Ugly really. The student life people never work with other groups for common ends and I don’t see this helpful at all. so that last and the least of hope the I hold to student life is that they are more than one christian sect working together and not ex-communication and fighting

Comment by Economicus

why cannabis? because I care about the amount of people who are jailed or negatively affected by prohibition and student life just don’t have a clue

your experience sounds interesting.. what do you mean about “they did not want me to talk with other people about my ideas”? can you elaborate? I find this interesting

Comment by ophalm

ya, I was, as always, being the Economicus Homo Agent who I am, talking about the world economics which is nothing near a the just free market that it should be. I was trying to talk with them tabout the monopolies and the govt/corporate control not giving the public their rights in full. There were talking about the market and the economy when I was there, but guess what, only selected people can talk.

Comment by tamrtime

if there’s one thing christians don’t like, it’s other opinions

Comment by ophalm

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