otago massacre

news watch 04/03/09 by ophalm
March 4, 2009, 7:12 pm
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destroying others work for a simple laugh

today I bring you only one article from D scene.

spotlight on milton advertising feature


here we have a small hick town 55km from dunedin. which probably puts it in dunedin’s ridiculous city boundaries.


milton is a farming community. it’s also got a massive new “state of the art prison with underfloor heating..” oh my goodness. criminals get it so sweet. they get cells with en suites and they get to live in milton. not only that but there is a vibrant farming community! with sheep and cows, and also logging. meaning that milton is one of otago’s natural resource whores

and you just know that the photographer who had to reluctantly drive to milton was pretty terrible, as here is one of the cities greatest features:


yes they have a kink in the road. most cities have these. it’s a common feature of roads but in milton it’s a landmark, a place for wedding ceremonies and glorious suicide.


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Haha brilliant article! Now we know how the Government is in so much debt… good ol’ Milton!

Comment by fuzzyguzz

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