otago massacre

all first year girls in halls are clones” – insider by ophalm
March 3, 2009, 4:00 am
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knowing first years is sometimes shameful if you’re not one. sometimes it’s unavoidable though and sometimes – rarely – a decent one comes through the gaps

on the inside I have lois weathers. being of the other gender she has given me various insights. mainly insights about the terrible clonliness of first year hall residing girls. apparently they all dress the same. having not seen many yet, I’d tend to agree with her. but why?

is it the economy? is it john key’s fault? I’ll blame it on john key. his terrible management of the economy has driven the young mindless women of university to not think about originality or their personality, and bet all their cash on the same clothes as everyone else. could they use their minds? could the not dress like clones? it’s a theoretical possibility – much like the space elevator.

circa 2008. what happened to these days?

circa 2008. what happened to these days?

that image makes me seem more pervert than comical superstar


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I could’ve got a waaay better photo. You didnt even get their typical outfit or the annoying way that they talk. Typical outfit is: Gladiator sandels, high waisted skirt, baggy dress/singlet and messd up blonde hair with a fluro headband. Clearly you werent looking hard enough to find them. They usually hang around the link cos thats were the cool kids are at.

Comment by lois

read more carefully. that photo was taken last year, and I was “harking back” to the old days. you’re correct though about the current state of things

Comment by ophalm

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