otago massacre

critic cavern 24/02/09 by ophalm
February 24, 2009, 7:59 pm
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one day hopefully you’ll realise that critic is a magazine, run and owned by the ousa (meaning it’s owned by our debts to the government) and delivered weekly during the semesters to the campus where you can pick one up and inject yourself with your weekly dose of university approved sarcasm (propaganda)

web 2.0 as fuck

web 2.0 as fuck

sometimes (often and consistently) though, critic falls on it’s face. for all the journalistic integrity it has, it also has to have mass (tween) appeal and also not be too controversial; which compromises the fine tenets of journalism.
and sometimes it falls on it’s face plainly because it’s just not all that funny. and since otago massacre is all about striking the fallen at their weakest points – welcome to the cavern

as far as I know critic hasn’t come out this week. but they have a website which I have lazily ‘panty raided’


so they themselves have a “blog” but I use that term loosely. typically a blog has more than one entry and doesn’t consist of a vegetable juice giveaway. you used to be cool critic

have you heard of youtube?

have you heard of youtube?

and here, filed under their humour section, they have embedded a youtube video. seriously, could it get weaker? 50 jokes in 149 seconds? you’ll never catch the massacre stooping to such a level. I promise you the only way I will ever use a youtube video as a post in of itself would be if we made it. at least they admitted that the video is funnier than their lists.

there’s more to the critic website but it’s not really worth visiting. critic the magazine at least gives you 5-10 minutes of entertainment when you should be studying on whatever day it comes out, but the website? horse shit.


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