otago massacre

news watch 20/02/09 by ophalm
February 20, 2009, 8:59 am
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we read the news because you can’t (illiteracy strikes 1 in 5 nz adults)

so anyway continuing with our theme of hating on psuedoscience here’s chiropracty
now chiropracty isn’t totally evil by definition. apparently some people really may have something wrong with their spine and it can help. but claiming your immune system attacks you because your spine is out line is total and utter bullshit please society stop being such retards! stop paying for this shit immediately

so for a change from bad to good
here’s some strippers! this isn’t really all that funny but it’s kinda sexy and I just want to remind all the ladies out there that if they need some extra cash and have little to no morals here is an opportunity. also somewhere to get sluts for a stag do, because nothing says “monogamy” like prostitutes.

and just like captain cook here’s more scat fanatics

this will be taken so far out of context it's not even funny

this will be taken so far out of context

so this is a band “the biff merchants” who “have just one thing on their minds: public toilets“… “say the best thing about touring is ‘definitely public toilets‘”… “see if the public toilets in the north island have the same song [inside lingo for glory holes? – ed] playing in them as the south island ones”…
they’re playing at orientation on march 6. if you go to their concert may I suggest a poncho


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