otago massacre

tales from the pit of despair I by ophalm
February 17, 2009, 7:08 pm
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giving you the ridiculous even though you don’t want it

what science do you have a problem with today? right now we’ve got the lies of electricity

“The Theory of Electricity.” remember this: no-one has ever seen an electron.

according to the theory of electricity, there are electrons all over the place, moving around atoms in an unknown fashion. sometimes we have electrons in our body.. have you ever felt one?

and the theory contains clear inconsistencies – scientists tell us lightning is electricity, but it’s clearly light. 

by convincing people that the theory of electricity is true, scienticians are playing a dangerous game. every year thousands of people are hospitalised – many even die – because of “electric shocks” they believe they have recieved. the myth of electricity is so ingrained that they actually feel a shock and die because they expect to!

and every day we continue to teach our children this dangerous falsehood. I weep for the nation’s future.


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