otago massacre

roll in 09 by ophalm
February 12, 2009, 11:00 pm
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09 is going to be a year to behold
otago massacre is just starting up, orientation 09 is going to be orientating and the economy has turned to shit

we’re here to help. help you understand how to get around without being just another fucking idiot like most people are.. help you understand how uni life works, know all the little trick and tips – life hacks if you will, and above all else, get wasted on the cheap.

stick with us. subscribe if you have to. ask how to subscribe if necessary, this is gonna get big and bold and we’re even looking for more content writers or even ideas or photos of people to mock. you can be involved!


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I didnt know I liked this site until I read this. Know I realise I really want to know what you have to say. Please keep adding posts so I can read them, it’s like a drug to me now. I NEED THE POSTINGS.

Comment by Luisa


Suggestion 1: You should be able to edit the comments you make.

Comment by Luisa

I think it’s entirely possible to do so if you actually make an account with wordpress.. otherwise anyone could edit your own posts.. also, try previewing and proof reading your posts before you post them.. lesson of today

Comment by ophalm

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