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four20 still losing by ophalm
February 12, 2009, 11:29 pm
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if you’re new you may not know about the union lawn 420 sesh up; a bunch of stoners – in an effort to challenge perceptions and stereotypes of cannabis users – manage to further the image that all cannabis smokers are wasters.

anyone with half a brain knows that not all cannabis users are wasters/losers, it’s just that all the users who aren’t as such tend to stay at home, be productive members of society and use cannabis on the side. they don’t tend to make a lifestyle purely out of getting high.

the 420 is meant to be a form of protest. how exactly I’m unsure but it’s been going for years, but it got out of hand in 08 – reaching a critical mass, attracting the attention of the dean and the police, arrests happened, campus watch got frisky and generally everyone else on campus got pissed off with them. some even went to the length of comparing a non-smoker smelling cannabis smoke to a vegetarian being forced to smell a sausage cookoff. strong words for strong feelings

so this year is going to be an interesting one for the union lawn high flyers*, will their cause continue? will they be shut down by the fuzz? will their massive tree-hanging joint be destroyed by a bunch of piñata desperate drongos? will abe ever shave? I guess only time will tell – but keep an eye out, you might score a free toke 😉


*if for some reason you want to check it out for yourself – union lawn (outside the union grill on campus) @ 4.20pm on wednesdays and fridays


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I look forward to hours of procrastination masquerading as detective work trying to ascertain who is behind this (somewhat sadly) Critic obsessed blog- it is rather amusing, but has the acrid odor of sour grapes somehow…Hmmm-
Thank you for yet another diversion!

Comment by YouSir,AreAnAss!

good luck with that…
also out of the 78 articles here at this point in time – only 8 are about critic.. not really critic obsessed if you ask me..
maybe if you think it smells so much you should contribute

Comment by ophalm

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